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$160M Powerball Jackpot Draw 1380: What’s the Biggest Lotto Prize You Can Buy


$160 million Thursday night Powerball the draw could create the biggest lotto multi-millionaire in Australian history.

So what could you buy with this incredible wealth? We’ve created an extremely indulgent shopping list based on a budget of $160 million – let the extravagance begin!

■ Get the $160 million Powerball, draw 1,380 winning numbers here from 8:45 p.m. to midnight Thursday


This should be at the top of a rich wish list. Royal Island in the Bahamas can be your own private 430-acre tropical paradise, and it’s just a 15-minute boat ride from the North Eleuthera Airport. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, lush vegetation and your very own mini resort with five beach villas. paradise

PRIVATE PLANE – 34.5 million dollars

You’ll need a private jet to get to your island… the filthy rich don’t have to deal with airport lines. The new Gulfstream G280 private jet will take you to the Bahamas with multiple refueling stops.


A mega-mansion in Adelaide, an ultra-luxurious penthouse in Sydney and a beachfront property near Cairns will cost you a total of about $20 million. Bonus – you don’t even have to worry about interest rates going up.


Buying the world’s most expensive watch would eat up almost half of your fortune, so let’s not be extravagant. Just buy the eleventh most expensive watch in history instead! The Patek Philippe Gobbi Milan is a 1953 rose gold watch with a blue enamel dial. Why is it so valued? It was the first ever “world time” watch, with 40 cities around the world adorning its dial and the inner ring rotating around to show the current time in each.


The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is possibly the craziest supercar ever built. You’ll want to have your own racetrack, because otherwise the cops might put a speed camera near your road forever. The 8-liter four-turbo engine does not engage seventh gear until it reaches 403 km/h. There is only one problem – it does not go to the right wheel.

ROLLS-ROYCE – $1.1 million

Of course, you’re not going to drive a Bugatti to the shops. That’s what your Rolls-Royce Phantom is for. Its flagship model is almost six meters long (so maybe parking will be a problem at the supermarket), but inside it’s just pure luxury.

LIVING EXPENSES – $6 million

And that leaves a whopping $6 million for living expenses, investments, gifts to relatives and friends, and charitable giving. Can you tell I’m not a financial advisor?

Up to half of all Australian adults are expected to win a ticket in Thursday night’s draw after the top prize has been drawn for five consecutive weeks.

“Peak sales during the last Powerball drawing were at 6:12 p.m., when more than 6,900 entries were sold in one minute — just over an hour before the drawing closed,” said The Lott’s James Eddy.

Two-thirds of the winning entries in Powerball’s first division this year were quick picks, in which the lottery terminal randomly picks numbers for you, while a quarter were PowerHit entries that guarantee a Powerball number.

September 8 South Australian mum from Snowtown won the last major Powerball jackpot of $40 million.

Before that, the Powerball drawing in June gave the only winner from Canberra took home a prize in excess of $60.7 million.

If you’re not successful, don’t be discouraged, the odds of winning the Powerball Division 1 jackpot in one game are one in 134,490,400.

But this list The 10 biggest Australian Lotto winners of all time shows that sometimes incredible luck really does happen.

In 2019, a nurse from Sydney became the record holder in the Australian individual lottery, winning $107,575,649.

Powerball is extracted from two barrels. Seven numbers are drawn from the main draw with balls numbered 1-35, and one Powerball is drawn from a pool of numbers 1-20.

If you are a superstitious gamer, here you are The luckiest lottery ticket sellers in Adelaide over the past few years.

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