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2 great ETFs for ASX investors to buy next week


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If you’re looking for an easy way to invest in international stocks for diversification, then exchange-traded funds (ETF) may be the answer.

But which ETFs are worth looking at? Here are two popular ETFs that have delivered great returns to investors:

BetaShares Asia Technology Tigers ETF (ASX: ASIA)

This ETF gives investors easy access to ~50 of the largest technology and electronics companies operating in Asia (excluding Japan).

This means you will be buying a piece of tech giants such as Alibaba, Baidu, JD.com, Meituan Dianping, Pinduoduo, Samsung and Tencent Holdings.

As for Meituan Dianping, it is one of China’s largest e-commerce companies. Its apps connect consumers with local businesses for everything from food delivery, hotel reservations, movie tickets and more.

Meituan too spend billions on the development of autonomous vehicles. This includes the delivery of drones and self-driving cars. So, one could watch him very closely in the coming years.

Betashares Nasdaq 100 ETF (ASX: NDQ)

Another ETF to consider is the Betashares Nasdaq 100 ETF. This fund aims to track the performance of the famous NASDAQ-100 index.

The NASDAQ-100 index includes the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the world-renowned NASDAQ market. BetaShares notes that this includes many companies at the forefront of the new economy.

Its top holdings include Google parent Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook (Meta), Intel, Microsoft, Netflix, Nvidia, PayPal and Tesla. None of these companies need an introduction. In fact, it’s likely that readers have used many of their services in the past 24 hours.

Given their positive long-term outlook, this ETF could be an excellent buy-and-hold option for investors.


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