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2022 Federal Election: James Weir sums up the debate of other leaders


The debate of the other leaders got out of hand last night on Channel 9 when Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese clashed, but one insult went to the next level.

The debate of the second leaders got out of control last night on Channel 9 with two men vying to lead our country, completely disobeying the rules.

Despite repeated stern warnings, they seized the broadcast engage in endless fighting with screams that left the host wanting the bosses to just get one out Lego Masters contestants to complete the task.

Of the three debates on commercial television is always the freest. The only surprise is that, despite the fact that it was nine, Karl Stefanovich did not participate.

And, frankly, we would like it to be that way. After all, then there would be a reason why everything went so catastrophically.

The ship was piloted by all the smart people of Channel 9. Non-parasites. 60 minutes reporter Sarah Or as a presenter. And on the panel as question throwers were Nine political editor Chris Ullman, as well as “That Lady” and “The Other Guy”.

It was a staging on Channel 9, which means it was created by the same team Married at first sight. And that explains all the screams, insults and suspicious headphones that the leaders had.

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Both ScoMo and Albo entered the second debate a little hotter than at first. Just the time of the campaign. They finished four weeks on the road, traveling in Australia, and two more remained. In the fifth week this is really the moment when madness comes. And this what was heard on TV screens last night during the debate. Both leaders cracked.

From their introductory remarks, the competition was fierce.

“Happy Mother’s Day,” ScoMo said.

Or immediately picked it up. “A VERY happy mother’s day “.

Yovza. Or already in the lead. VERY Happy Mother’s Day? Looks like he cares about moms more than ScoMo. We have always suspected this, but it is a confirmation.

It was then that presenter Sarah Abo began with the first acute question.

“What can you do to lower the cost of salads and even on a day like Mother’s Day, the cost of flowers?” she posed.

With that, they came out. ScoMo besieged. Or Or got even harder – so much that he broke away and did not even have time to finish his answer.

Obviously, the only logical answer is: instead of buying your mother a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day for $ 50, just buy her a lettuce for $ 5.

Not surprisingly, ScoMo won this round. Not only because he responded on time, but also because he also got mad at his company this week to visit a small grocery store in the coastal suburb of Mount Eliza in Melbourne. Why? Because he wanted to connect with amazing Australians who don’t know how to order products online. That’s the kind of man Mr. Morrison is.

And the grocer’s visit made him give a phenomenal answer to Sarah’s serious question about salads because, addressing the nation at a press conference live from the vegetable aisle of this Melbourne supermarket, he was standing in front of a mountain of salads for $ 5. This experience of working with Australian life armed him with unsurpassed sympathy and understanding. Mr. Morrison is a man who is so familiar with green leafy vegetables that he was able to answer Sarah’s question as if he had deeply felt the grooves and ridges of every lettuce leaf ever grown in this country.

Broadcasting the second debate on Nine instead of ABC – which fought for its broadcast – means that theater can be taken to the next level. So the producers ran to the barn and got one of The Honesty Boxes, which they use in the movie Married at First Sight.

How does The Honesty Box work? Well, technically, you should ask thoughtful questions on a piece of paper that will inspire an honest conversation. But no one obeys this, and everyone ends up just writing insults about each other.

That’s what happened in the debate.

One of the producers gave that cue, and she uttered her first insult.

“Many do not like you,” she told the prime minister.

Wow. Very tough, that lady.

Gotcha issues have been a hot topic lately, but they may disappear. Now journalists can only throw random insults on their topic.

That lady kept untying. Next she discarded Alba’s glasses for Harry Potter.

“A listener contacted me this week to say that you used to be a radical socialist, but since you have a new set of glasses, how can we believe you are a reformed person?”

Take it!

The insult was for Or a blow to the stomach. He saw the stars. And we understand why it hurts. He feels very inattentive to his glasses since this week ScoMo started calling him Harry Potter and accused him of having a magic wand. It was bad enough. But then to be teased about his characteristics on national television? And this lady?

The injections came out of nowhere. A complete stalemate. It was as if Simon Cowell had suddenly joined the panel.

This shocked both leaders. We even got a little Agro Albo, which we saw during the election campaign. Like, he did not have time to squeeze into the gap. Contrary to his calm approach in the first debate, last night he matched the prime minister’s smug remarks.

When they both shouted at each other, something interesting finally happened. We’ve seen the headlines before, all of them contained words like “awkward!” and “fiery!” and “collision!”

Then the host had to go in and close the fun.

“We give you that freedom to participate,” she said, her tone warning that the privilege could be taken away at any time, like the Xbox.

Things were relaxed when That Lady decided to question the esoteric conclusion.

“How do you define a woman?” she posed.

Two adult men, whose chests were still swollen up and down after an argument on the Xbox, frowned.

“… an adult woman,” Albo shrugged.

That lady was looking at him. “An adult woman?”

“Yes,” Or nodded firmly, not daring to say anything more than a dictionary definition. “Adult Woman.”

And ScoMo?

He frowned. “… an adult woman.” Virtually stealing the opposition leader’s response, the prime minister allegedly tried to make it look like his own homework, juggling synonyms for the word “woman.”

Both answers were technically correct. The panel would also host “someone who loves Sandra Bulak’s films and shouts, ‘Cute!’ every time they pass by a Fiat.

Well, the question of this lady really sucked the air out of all the controversy. And in the control room, a team of TV professionals worked hard to turn this debate into a TV event.

“Take your glasses off again,” the producer whispered into the ScoMo handset.

“Say something about his raw curry,” another whispered to Alba.

Next was Fr. Shouts of a match that wandered a few minutes about China and left us wanting them both to just go back to answering Sarah’s first question about Mother’s Day salads.

“Mr. Morrison! Mr. Albanese! ” Cried the master to the two leaders. “Enough!”

But it didn’t make sense. The debate derailed, and the madmen led the show.

An awkward fiery fight made Or shout out his favorite new catchphrase.

“It’s outrageous swearing!” He called when the prime minister asked how the Labor leader “stand up to China when some of the loudest voices about Beijing are heard from your party”.

“It’s outrageous swearing!” He repeated.

A few moments later he got another run. “It’s outrageous swearing!”

Or he succeeded with this catchphrase during the first debate, and he clearly liked the confidence he felt in voicing it. But as for the catchphrases – they can not be abused, otherwise they will simply become obsolete. Soon: “It’s outrageous swearing!” will be the political version of “Wazzzuuuppp?”

He kept shouting until the prime minister shouted back. Eventually enough time passed, and the operator began to give a signal to start.

“That’s it?” defeated Sarah Or did not ask anyone in particular, because it was clear that it was over. “That’s all. … Are we… finished? ”

Oh, Sarah. We yes done.

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