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2022 federal election live: Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison clash in second leader debate | Australian election 2022


Blood says he thought it was a “steady” discussion, but Morrison seemed more confident in the details of the policy, while Albanese struck a few blows. Concluding his closing remarks, mocking Morrison for saying “it’s not my job” as one of them.

Ullman says it’s from 20,000 votes, but again notices technical issues with the voting platform.

Audience vote named Morrison the winner with 52% vs. 48%

And this is the victory of the Prime Minister Scott Morrison with 52% of the vote for Labor leader Anthony Albanese48%.

The “ultimate winner” will be announced soon. (Note that the “ultimate winner” will be determined by a process that is not particularly scientific, but it will still be included in the “story” of the campaign). Here are the results of a poll on who the people are to think wins:

According to Nine online polls: 46% of viewers expect a Labor victory, 39% expect a Coalition and 15% expect a suspended parliament. .@CroweDM in a panel of polls ahead of the 2019 poll showed a similar feeling. # own voices #autspol

– News Razik (@naveenjrazik) May 8, 2022

If you are thinking about disconnecting – not worth it yet. Catherine Murphy and Sarah Martin made my way through the swamp for you. Soon they will bring you their ideas.

And if you’re just in the mood – you’re in luck! All you need is Murphy and Martin, unless you die from repetition or from hitting on gullible politicians.

Now Nine is losing some of the “highlights” of the debate that I heard as many screams but Ullman describes that leaders are “involved”.

Re. these poll results are below, with reservations that they were not representative – I should just reiterate that Nine had problems with the poll, and at this point we don’t know how or whether it could have affected the results.

In the second debate of the campaign, the leaders try to elbow each other:

Anthony Albanese and Scott Morrison at Nine’s Sydney studios. Photo: James Brickwood / AAP

The 60-minute verdict of the audience on who will be the best prime minister was 49% for the Labor leader Anthony Albanese45% for the Prime Minister Scott Morrisonand 6% were undecided.

This is based on 50,000 responses, but it is not representative, says Nine.

Chief Political Correspondent Nine David Crow says it is interesting that leaders have been brutally confronted with the cost of electricity transmission amid the debate over the cost of living:

There was one cost of living issue where we saw a big fight, and it was very interesting that they intensified it themselves.

And we’re back! But without leaders. Or the current voting system. Chris UllmanNine’s political editor, says the debate went pretty well and went “pretty willingly”.

And he emphasizes that any guarantees given about the cost of living are “empty” given how little control politicians have over many factors.

It looks like Nine Network has technical issues with the voting system. They asked people to keep trying, but it looks … pretty sad:

Albanese: I will never say that this is not my job

For his closing speech, Albanian says you’ll never hear him say “it’s not my job”. He says:

You know that at the moment the cost of everything is rising, but your salaries are not. You have the choice to change the country for the better. And we can do much better than we do now.

Now there are real problems. The cost of childcare is now rising. Nursing care is now in crisis. The work has never been as uncertain as it is now. Climate change is an opportunity, not just a challenge, right now. Despite the floods and forest fires, what does it take to awaken this government to take serious action on climate change?

We now need more equality for women. We need to increase women’s participation in the economy, as well as make jobs safer. All these issues Australia has the opportunity to move forward and create a better future. If we take this opportunity. I believe that Australia is the largest country on earth. But with a better government we can be an even better country in the future. And I will say this – there are four words that you will never hear from me. words you will never hear from me. “It’s not my job.” I will never say that.

When I get the job, I will do it every day.

Anthony Albanese at the debate
Anthony Albanese at the debate. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen / AAP


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