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2023 Lexus LS facelift revealed


The big-money Lexus LS no longer suffers from an infotainment system that’s far inferior to that of the brand’s smaller lineup.

The update, unveiled overnight in Japan, includes a new touchscreen infotainment system as well as improved driver assistance technology.

We can probably assume that the new infotainment unit runs the same operating system as the last one NX and upcoming RX.

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Available features include wireless and wired Apple CarPlay, wired Android Auto, a predictive sat-nav system that can predict your destination based on past driving history, a column of lightweight buttons on the driver’s side screen, and a voice recognition system that wakes up with activation phrases. such as “Hey Lexus”.

Other upgrades include support for high-definition audio sources, finer-tuned bass and treble control, and the My Lexus smartphone app, which allows the driver to remotely cool or heat the cabin before driving away, as well as lock and unlock the car and prevent unauthorized access to driving a car.

While we don’t know how many inches the new display is, it looks to be about the same size as the 12.3-inch touchscreen in the current car.

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With the much-maligned trackpad done away with, the center tunnel now looks a bit bare, but some of the space is now occupied by a row of buttons for heated seats and fans, as well as a heated steering wheel and rear window shade.

The CD/DVD player has also been ditched, so a slightly hidden area below the climate control system now houses two USB-C slots and a host of extra buttons.

Also new is the corner smartphone holder in front of the center console armrest.

The company has also tweaked the handling of its flagship vehicle with a new, stiffer strut for the rear suspension system.

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On the safety front, there’s a transparent vehicle wireframe mode for a 360-degree view from the camera, making it easier for the driver to see what’s around the vehicle’s tires.

Lexus Teammate’s semi-autonomous driving mode now allows you to avoid driving in other cars’ blind spots. The lane change assist system also works in more situations and includes a display and an audible signal to alert the driver of surrounding vehicles.

This update to the LS appears to be limited solely to technology with no noticeable changes to the exterior styling. This is not surprising, because the fifth generation has stepped up presented worldwide in mid-2020 earlier arrives down under in January 2021.

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