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2027 Rugby World Cup in Australia, news, best young players, prospects, Wallabies, Joseph Swaali, Tom Lina, Fraser McRate


More than two decades after the World Wallaby Championships in Sydney, Australia will host not one but two World Cup tournaments.

On Thursday night, Australian Rugby was finally awarded the World Cup six months after they were confirmed as the “preferred candidates” for World Rugby.

It opens a golden decade with the World Cup in France followed by the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, the Men’s (2027) and Women’s (2029) World Cups and the Olympics in Brisbane to complete it all in 2032.

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The 2027 Men’s World Cup is expected to be held in seven cities, and Sydney will find contenders in Melbourne and Perth – the only two cities to accommodate more than 60,000 seats – for the right to host the final.

But who among those who can become the main role in the wallaby?

We get a crystal ball to predict five names, with some unexpected choices.

Angus Bell

The 21-year-old is already a bulwark for Wallaby, making his test debut in 2020.

But for someone so young, he is no longer old.

Bell is strong in the fight, runs powerfully on the ball and has a steely desire to win.

Fraser McRate was the captain of the Junior Walabis at the 2019 World Youth Championships. (Photo by Bradley Canaris / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Fraser McReight

The captain of the Australian junior Wallabies at the 2019 World Youth Championships McWright can play.

Had it not been for Michael Hooper, McWright would have played more than the two tests he conducted on the bench.

Fast, strong on the ball, natural delivery and a brilliant player in relationships, McWright is constantly evolving and by the time of the World Cup he will be 28 years old.

Billy Pollard

Hotly haunted by a number of NRL clubs, Pollard is only 20 and he is already shaking his head.

He is very fast and explosive for a prostitute.

Could he be Australia’s long-awaited response to prostitution and become the next Phil Cairns?

Tom Lina

The son of former Wallabies captain and World Cup winner Michael, Tom comes with some pedigree.

But recently turned 19-year-old boy can play.

So much so that former Wallabies captain Andrew Slack believes his 40-minute cameo in a pre-season game with the Queensland Reds was the best half of the Australian playmaker’s rugby this year.

His father, Michael, admits that Tom is “very skilled” but, like any parent, hopes the Reds rookie is in no hurry.

Tom returned to club rugby last weekend after a hamstring injury.

Joseph Swalia of the Roosters could become a defender of the test – if he decides to return to rugby. (Photo by Marc Kolbe / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Joseph Suaali

He may be in his second season with The Roosters, but before the NRL snatched the Kings product, Suaalii covered it in rugby for a schoolboy.

In the end, financial security probably shifted the weight in favor of the rugby league, but Suaali was really interested in rugby.

World Cups are often won and lost in key positions at 2, 7, 9, 10, 12 and 15.

Suaali could be a defender of the test – a place that the Wallachians had a hard time occupying after Israel’s controversial departure from the game.


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