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3 tips for a spring wedding


with Canberra Weddings

Joy, sun and new beginnings – is it any wonder that love blooms in the spring?

In case you find yourself twittering for a spring wedding, Weddings of Canberra is your one-stop shop for wedding vendors in Canberra.

Whether you’re in love, engaged or planning a wedding, Weddings of Canberra is where you’ll find great local wedding vendors who are just waiting to hear from you.

The goal of Weddings of Canberra is to make wedding planning more fun and less stressful. Stay on top of things with their top spring wedding planning tips:

  1. Choose a seasonal location: Canberra has many wonderful landscapes that showcase the beauty of our city in spring, from Lake Burley Griffin lined with cherry blossoms to the rolling views of the mountains at Tuggeranong.
  2. Commitment to the topic: Now is the time to get creative with an endless array of seasonal flowers, from veil decorations to floral cocktails, fragrances and condiments. Even your confetti can be themed (and eco-friendly): Birdseed is a great alternative to plastic confetti (with a free cleanup crew), and lavender or other herbs will smell great and bring back memories in the future.
  3. There is a rain plan: With La NiƱa looming again, do yourself and your guests a favor by securing a backup location or at least some cover. Rain may be a blessing on your wedding day, but the season’s organic allure has its limits. On that note, consider souvenir handkerchiefs to avoid seasonal allergy symptoms.

From traditional to outrageous, summer to spring, Weddings of Canberra vendors have a wealth of experience in the local wedding industry and can help you with anything you need.

Create a wedding that is uniquely you while supporting the local wedding industry.

New sellers are added every week! Check them out online at weddingsofcanberra.com.au

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