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48-year-old US mum-of-four says strangers shame her thong bikini because of her age


Youth and beauty used to be thought of as mutually exclusive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth—just ask Rose Cordeiro.

The tough 48-year-old American mother of four has killer looks and a personality to match.

Proud of her sculpted figure, she likes to dress up in crop tops, thigh-skimming dresses and sky-high heels, but her daring outfits have led to trolling on the internet, with people calling her a ‘granny’ and an ‘attention seeker’.

Originally from sunny California, she now lives in Texas with her four children — ages 25, 16, 14 and 10 — and is often mistaken for being almost half her age.

“When my 25-year-old daughter and I go out, she’s used to people thinking we’re either friends or sisters,” Rose told The The. Sun USA.

New on the scene

A confident mom leads a TikTok page, which currently boasts over 43k followers and growing, where she documents her positive outlook on life.

“I started like a lot of people during the pandemic,” Rose said. “Actually, before that, my 16-year-old daughter was trying to get me to make TikToks with her.”

She admitted that she faced some difficulties in learning new moves at an older age, but stuck with the new hobby.

“I’m not a dancer, my body has never done these things, so it’s going to take a lot of trying for me,” she explained.

“In adulthood, you don’t remember the choreography or the steps. At first it was very difficult, but as time went on it got easier and everything just blew up.”

“My original TikTok had about 126,000 followers, but it was actually banned,” she added.

She has also gained popularity on Instagram, where she has over 18,000 followers.

A brave lady

When it comes to expressing yourself sartorially, Rose is a pro. The beauty isn’t afraid to show off her skin, from see-through dresses to string bikinis.

Although she has many fans, not everyone is happy to see mom living her best life. Many haters post nasty comments to tell her that she should dress for her age.

“I get comments like that from Karens,” she said. “But I think you should dress the way you want. I feel good in the clothes I wear.’

“It’s not me to dress the way society thinks a 48-year-old woman should dress,” she added. “It wouldn’t be me, and I wouldn’t be comfortable with it. Dressing the way you want to dress shouldn’t be defined by your age.”

Rose believes that societal standards put unnecessary pressure on women and their personal lives, right down to what they wear – or don’t wear.

“They often sexualize women,” she said. “What I don’t believe.”

“I don’t feel bad just because a woman doesn’t wear a bra — because I don’t wear bras, I’m totally against bras,” she added. “The public is just being brainwashed into thinking it’s a sexual thing.”

Cordeira has found a pick for critics who ask her why she doesn’t dress her age.

“My question is, how should a 48-year-old woman dress?” she said. “I don’t understand this question.”

“48 is not the same as our parents’ generation,” she added. “We are in 2022. We can do whatever we want as long as we don’t harm anyone. Do what makes you happy.”

Youthful appearance

Cordeiro is often praised for her youthful appearance, which has garnered her a large following of all ages online and in real life.

“I get a lot of genuine, genuine people, both men and women, who are very interested in my lifestyle and how I stay healthy,” she revealed.

“I keep realizing that people love my energy, they gravitate towards it, and it puts a smile on their face.

“And they’re just happy to see the videos I post. Love these posts.”

TikTok users also often receive male attention online and are popular across generations.

“They’re like all ages, from 20 to 70. A lot of young guys,” she pointed out.

“I have a lot of unread messages that I don’t even open, but I’m pretty sure you can imagine what they write and what pictures they send.”

Sky high aspirations

It’s clear that Rose has a passion for travel, as she can often be seen jet-setting around the world, and she wants to bring that passion to the workforce.

“I got certified to be a flight attendant,” she said.

“I’m going to go into either the private jet industry or the commercial jet industry. I’m not sure yet, but I’m leaning more towards the private jet industry.”

Whether it’s entertaining a large audience on Instagram and TikTok or exploring a new career, Rose is always a mom first.

She shared her favorite motherly advice.

“The quote I always give people and tell my kids is, ‘You should always try to inspire other people,'” she said.

This article originally appeared on Sun USA and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as 40-year-old mom who loves bikinis and crop tops is ashamed of not dressing her age


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