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5 free or affordable ways to spoil mom


Mother’s Day is celebrated this Sunday (May 8), and not everyone is willing or able to shell out for a spa day or for a sumptuous dinner. Truth be told, these celebrations, thankfully, can be more about showing love than ransom. After all, the best things in life are free, here’s what you can give mom this Sunday.

1. Breakfast in bedA: We start with classics, but don’t worry, we have suggestions for moms who can’t carry crumbs in sheets. For those of us who are not experienced home cooks, the first piece of advice on making breakfast in bed is to make it simple. The simpler the recipe, the less likely it is to break (plates) and burn (croutons). Just be sure to wash the dishes and clean it up afterwards! Read our simple bedtime breakfast recipes here.

2. “Gift Cards”: Moms are like everyone else; they have worries that they arrange and they still fulfill. This weekend why not get the kids to make colorful “gift cards” to help out a little more around the house, whether it’s folding clothes, taking out the trash (without asking) or tidying up a closet that has been bothering her for years.

Photo by Carrie Brewer.

3. A little luxuryA: If your mom is selfless about guilt, chances are you’ve been to the store with her countless times when she picked up something special and then put it back, leaving it for a “special occasion”. Well, that was a hint, and that’s the reason. It doesn’t have to be something wildly expensive, maybe a new tool from Bunnings or a soap with her favorite scent. Click here find little things made in Canberra to help you feel dear.

4. Rent her favorite the movie: The blockbuster may be dead, but there are many movies on YouTube to rent online. Put on snacks, set aside some time and give mom an evening of movies that are dedicated to her, where she won’t have to worry about what “everyone wants to see”.

5. Fix her favorite item of clothing: Is this a dress that no longer fits? An apron that has been sung too many times? Maybe the pants she always wanted pockets in. Pull it out of her closet for Mother’s Day and take it to a tailor, or take a needle in your hand, and on Sunday morning surprise her with an old favorite made new.

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