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A column of local leaders with Carmel La Roca of the Griffith Multicultural Council | March 2022 | District News



Although COVID seems to have become a “normal” virus in the world and local communities, in March the Japanese encephalitis virus struck rural areas of New South Wales and in particular our area of ​​Griffith. It is a serious disease, and thus Multicultural NSW has facilitated Zoom Q&A with the Griffith Multicultural Council and members, with Dr. Jan Fisel, NSW Health’s Senior Medical Advisor on the Japanese Encephalitis Virus. Participants were able to learn the facts and they were able to show them to their communities, particularly people who work and / or live near piggeries and in agricultural areas near a significant mosquito population. Don’t forget to protect yourself. Wear light shirts with long loose-fitting sleeves, long pants and closed shoes and socks. Apply repellents to all exposed areas of the skin, especially those containing DETA, picaridine or lemon eucalyptus oil. We also learned that pork is safe to eat. Humans cannot become infected with JEV by touching an infected animal or eating animal products, including pork or poultry products. READ MORE: Humans cannot transmit JEV to other people and do not become infected by touching any infected animals. The Australian government has ordered a vaccine against JEV for those at greatest risk. In 2022, the Multicultural Council held a Day of Harmony, which was enjoyed by all present. Harmony Day has something special, it always brings together a variety of communities, including their food that everyone can try and share. It was a great start to Harmony Week, and we look forward to Harmony Day 2023. On a more serious note, we have an idea of ​​the unfair treatment of those who come to Australia to work on the working schemes of the Pacific Islands. This does not bode well for the programs, and it will become more difficult to bring workers to Australia as soon as feedback reaches their shores from those affected. Representation was made to the relevant departments for consideration of the case. Hopefully this will bring good future changes for everyone. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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