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A leading example is to ensure a clean zero future


REIWA hopes to set a benchmark in the Australian real estate industry with its new environmental and sustainable development policy aimed at reducing and eliminating the impact of environmental activities where possible.

REIWA CEO Kat Hart said that as the industry’s leading body, he recognizes the importance of this policy for a zero future.

“Real estate agents are at the forefront of property transactions,” she said.

“Western Australians are becoming more energy-conscious, so it’s important that real estate agents are well-educated in environmental and sustainable housing so they can help their clients achieve their green goals.

“We wanted to set an example and demonstrate to society the importance of a green future, and that the WA real estate industry is working and ready to help change the situation.”

The policy aims to reduce the overall impact of REIWA on the environment using a number of methods.

The industrial organization hopes to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste, advocate for energy-efficient buildings and support members in the zero future through education and training.

He hopes to do so by working with his WA members, employers, subcontractors and the public to achieve continuous environmental improvement in business operations, training and advocacy.

“To help develop the policy, goals and action plan, REIWA has engaged green gurus,” Ms. Hart said.

“The ten-year partnership between REIWA and Green Guru is the first of its kind in Australia, with thousands of WA real estate professionals better informed and qualified to identify sustainability attributes and their benefits in new and existing homes.”

Through a plan with diverse goals and objectives, REIWA hopes to positively impact the real estate industry and consumers to support and create a shift towards sustainability.

One of the main focuses is educating people in order to inform members through ongoing digital communications, webinars and events.

“We have become a leader in the National Real Estate Institute in providing sustainability training programs and continuing professional development courses that support REIWA members in their daily practice,” Ms. Hart said.

“Our energy efficiency training courses are part of the REIWA accreditation program for continuing education and member development.

“While we strive to keep our members informed, it is important that we provide them with the tools to also teach their customers how they can be more energy efficient in their homes.

“We believe that comfortable, healthy and efficient homes are the future for housing in the WA.”

According to Ms. Hart, we all need to play a role in securing a green future, and REIWA considers it important that they set an example.

“We are committed to the long-term integration of sustainability and environmentally responsible practices across the organization,” she said.

According to Ms. Hart, environmental policy and sustainable development policy are already being considered by the Australian Real Estate Institute.

“We believe that now we have set a benchmark, and other real estate institutions will follow,” she said.


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