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A major twist with Scott Morrison’s “absurd” election song


The viral song, launched by the Liberal Party to punch holes in Labor taxation, has been reworked.

The coalition released a club mix of tunes “There’s a Hole in Your Budget, Expensive Work,” which aired on TV screens throughout the federal election campaign.

Inspired by the popular children’s song “There’s a Hole in My Bucket”, the song confirms the intentions of Labor in the event of election.

“There is a hole in your budget, dear Labor,” sings a voice-over.

“More taxes, more taxes, more taxes, a hole in your budget, dear Labor, a hole.”

Camera iconA remix of Scott Morrison’s campaign has been made. NCA NewsWire / Gary Remage Credit: News Corp Australia

After gaining more than 2.6 million views on YouTube, the original song was upgraded.

He debuted on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Wednesday when Scott Morrison sent a message to a radio host.

“I just received a text message from the Prime Minister,” Kyle Sundaylands told listeners.

“(He said)“ You would be interested in a new track that I give you to play first. In my office they say it’s a joke. By the way, I have no idea what that means. “

But despite its extensive release, not all voters are fans of the repeat track.

“I think the Liberal Party should ask for a refund from whoever came up with this absurd advertisement about the hole in your bucket,” wrote one critic.

“Will LNP’s ‘hole in your budget’ ad force even more people to decide they need to vote?” added another.

The melody begins with “It won’t be easy under Albanese” before a heavy electric beat sounds next to the lyrics.

The song is available on Soundcloud on Wednesday and Spotify on Thursday.


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