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A mum has divided her parents after she discovered she was allowing her children to swear


When it comes to parenting, everyone has their own rules and methods they use – and chances are that not everyone will agree with everything you decide to do.

One American mom of four understands this well after sharing five things she lets her kids do that she knows “others may disagree with.”

Cassara, who runs a popular social media account with her partner Juan, revealed in a recent video

she has a “very open and honest relationship” with her children, allowing them to do things other parents wouldn’t.

“First of all, our children are allowed to swear. They know when they can swear, how they can swear and who they can swear with – and they’re allowed to swear,” she said in TikTok video that has 1.7 million views.

“If you think the worst thing your child can do is cuss, then you’re on to something else.”

Moving on to number two, she explained that her teenager was allowed to contact them at any hour they needed to be picked up – even if they had been drinking.

“When my teenager is drinking with friends and they call me and say, ‘Hey mom, I need you to come and pick me up,’ I’ll get up and go get them,” she said.

“And we won’t talk about it until the next day.

“Let’s face it: peer pressure is real, and people can’t learn unless they make mistakes or do things they shouldn’t.”

Cassara goes on to say that her kids also don’t need to “kiss you or hug you or snuggle next to you if they choose not to,” and she also shared her strong beliefs when it comes to higher education.

“We will not force our children to study at universities [university] if they don’t want to,” she explained.

“Let’s face it – nobody really knows what they want to do.”

Finally, Cassara reveals that she teaches her children from a young age what sex is, what their body parts are, and what drugs are.

“That way they know what the consequences are, what the actions are, that there’s a positive in everything, and they never have to be ashamed of who they are,” she said.

“And nobody should like that because these are my kids, they’re not your kids. I had four children, and they all turned out to be wonderful.’

After a huge backlash on social media over the swearing, Kasara shared a second video in which she went into more detail.

“We allow our children to curse – yes, but they don’t go around our house cursing, drinking this and that.

“As my husband said, who even thought swearing was swearing? Like, who thought they were bad words?

“We swear and it originally started with if my son walked by and stubbed his toe he would be like f***. They don’t walk around swearing by the storm.

“It’s just that if they swear or something, I won’t correct them!”

She captioned the post: “Don’t worry about what others think of YOUR parenting. You know what is best for you and YOURS.”

Many agreed with Cassara, while others said it wasn’t a good idea for young people to use profanity so casually.

“I don’t have kids, but I agree with everything here,” one commented.

“I have so much respect for you and your family, I quietly wish you were my mom,” said another.

“I agree with most of it except the swearing,” one remarked.

As one argued: “Letting kids swear is not good, it’s not acceptable in the real world and can get them into trouble.

This article originally appeared on The sun and was reproduced with permission

Originally published as A mom has revealed 5 things she lets her kids do that others might not agree with


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