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A new campaign focused on drivers to slow down on our roads


Australia’s most famous math teacher Eddie Wu, who is the face of a two-week campaign, uses his a love of numbers to explain the potentially devastating effects of speeding.

Speeding is the biggest killer on NSW roads, and drivers are encouraged to arrive their destination is safe during the Easter holidays by following traffic rules and maintaining a speed limit.

Said Mr. Wu his driving simulations demonstrate as even a small increase in speed can lead to devastating results.

“You don’t need to be a mathematician to understand that increasing speed means longer stopping times,” Mr. Wu said.

Metropolitan Roads Minister Natalie Ward said Mr Wu’s creative style in the company on social media would resonate with drivers of all ages.

“Eddie Wu is a brilliant communicator and breaks the hard facts of speeding with a simple message: the faster you drive, the longer you need to stop Said Mrs. Ward.

“His explanation of the driving simulation in three short videos demonstrate how important it is to adhere to speed limits ”.

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Learn more about the NSW Road Safety Campaign

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