Home World A nimble attendant thwarts a would-be school bus thief in Florida

A nimble attendant thwarts a would-be school bus thief in Florida


A nimble attendant managed to stop a 22-year-old man from allegedly trying to steal a school bus in Osceola County, Florida, according to surveillance footage from inside the vehicle. Footage released by the Osceola County School District shows the moment the suspect, identified by police as 22-year-old Kenal Bryan, jumps into the driver’s seat of a school bus parked at a gas station. A bus employee, who asked not to be named, said they were cleaning the bus when a man who was not the driver jumped on it. “There’s nothing I can do because I’m already on the bus, so I have to try to get out because these people always have guns,” the dispatcher told the school district. The footage then shows the savvy attendant managing to apply the parking brake on the dash, preventing Brian from starting the bus. Armed deputies show up shortly after. Local media reports that Brian has been arrested. His charges included grand theft auto and armed robbery, the report added. Posted by Osceola School District via Storyful


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