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A nurse from OnlyFans was fired after colleagues watched her videos at work


The adult content creator, who also works as a nurse, said she was fired from her job for being a “distraction” to her colleagues.

With more than 1.9 million views on TikTok, Jeline, 22, explained that her main source of income is the raunchy content she sells on the popular subscription site.

And for the past year and a half, she also worked as a nurse for the elderly group – until now.

Jaelyn said she was asked to work one day. But when she walked in, she was immediately greeted by a woman she had never seen before and asked to speak to her.

It turned out that the nurses at one of the nursing homes were watching adult videos while Jaelyn was not in the room with the patients.

“She said she can’t let this happen every time I work, so she has to let me go,” she recalls, adding that “the main reason she let me go is because they need the job more than I do.”

“It’s like they paid for my pad so everyone can see and look at the nurse’s station while they’re on the clock,” Jaylyn said in disbelief.

Commenters urged her to file a wrongful termination complaint and “put everything in an email.”

“This is 110% a lawsuit… no questions asked,” one user wrote. “Unless that employer’s code of conduct says something specific.”

In a follow-up video, Jellin said she met with the woman who fired her to get a written explanation and send it to her lawyer.

She added that she continues to practice nursing — despite her online success — because the money she makes in the adult industry can vary greatly.

“You never know what you’re going to do at OF,” she said. “You could make $600 in a month, or $50,000 in a month, it all depends.”

This story originally appeared on New York Post and was reproduced with permission.

Originally published as A nurse has been fired after colleagues watched an X-rated video of her at work


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