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A pandemic breaks out when Buddy Franklin scores his 1000th goal


Sydney Swans superstar Lance Franklin scored his 1000th career goal and sparked scenes of delirium as thousands of fans in love rushed to the ground.

The game was suspended for more than 30 minutes in the last quarter as fans rolled over the fence to hug and greet the champion, who is only the sixth VFL / AFL player to reach a charming four-digit overall in his career.

Franklin engraved his name in history textbooks with his fourth goal, which was scored in the final minutes of what was declared the Swans’ blockbuster against Geelong.

When Sydney controlled everything, with a cunning hit by the Cats on goal, hopes for a thriller on Friday night did not come true.

But the victory of the “Swans” with a score of 107 -77 seemed a minor side effect, as all eyes watched every step of Franklin.

The 35-year-old joins Tony Lackett (1360 goals), Gordon Coventry (1299), Jason Dunstall (1254), Doug Wade (1057) and Gary Ableta Sr. (1031) at the exclusive club.

SCG immediately turned into a sea of ​​red and white when spectators came out on the field, the first of the field invaders jumping out onto the grass even before Franklin’s shot went through the goal.

The crowd around Franklin grew when the classic Foo Fighters “My Hero” sounded on the speakers.

Maude was so thick around the star that Franklin could barely move, making his way to the players ’race, while all hope of restarting the competition had to wait until the loving crowd was cleared of the arena.

Four, three, two…

Franklin started the match with 996 goals in his name before approaching the mark, scoring a set shot out of pocket just before the quartertime.

He had a quiet second term before he was given a soft free kick in the middle of the third quarter, which he realized from about 20 meters.

Franklin’s third goal, a powerful shot from 50 yards right in front, saw him enthusiastically raise his hands as the ball flew.

Buddy Franklin was at the center of this tumultuous mass of fans. Photo: Seven

The historic 1000th goal was scored at the end of the last quarter when he made a set-shot after being substituted by Swan Chad Warner.

Jack Henry, who is seven inches shorter than Franklin, was burdened with the difficult task of managing the hero of “Swans” for most of the night.

Henry was tired, had to give it to him, but Franklin was an unstoppable force when he went to meet fate.

A man of 10 million dollars

Franklin is in the final season of his nine-year mega-contract with Sydney for $ 10 million. He left the door open to play further in 2023.

This would give him a great opportunity to overtake Ablet and Wade to become the fourth in the history of sports.

Franklin scored 580 goals in 182 games with the Hawthorn between 2005 and 2013, and then added another 420 goals with the Swans from 2014.

He was at the center of the last AFL crowd invasion back in 2008 when he scored his 100th goal of the season in the last match of the Hawks at home and away.

Four-time Hawthorn Prime Minister coach Alastair Clarkson, who left the Hawks last year after 17 seasons he ruled, was at SCG to watch his former star, and was even spotted in a Swans scarf.

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