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A Sydney woman twice set fire to a 5G tower


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A Sydney woman has been accused of setting fire to a 5G telegraph pole twice and making a third failed attempt to burn it.

On Sunday, NSW police arrested a 50-year-old woman in the affluent eastern suburb of Vaucluse.

Her arrest came after a pole on the corner of Derby Street and Cambridge Avenue was set on fire in October 2021 and February this year.

The first incident caused $ 150,000 in damage, and the second caused minimal damage.

Then on April 3, they allegedly saw a woman trying to pour substance on a cloth attached to a pole before trying unsuccessfully to set fire to the cloth.

The telegraph pole supports the 5G mobile tower.

The woman was charged with damaging property by fire or explosion with damage of more than $ 15,000 and damaging property by fire or explosion on two counts.

She was denied bail in a local court in Waverley on Thursday.


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