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A U.S. Marine has been charged with indecent assault


The U.S. Marine Corps, based in the Northern Territory, will face trial on charges of indecent assault at a Darwin bar.

The incident involving a 21-year-old man on April 30 is believed to have taken place at the Landmark Sports Bar in Palmerston.

A Marine spokesman said the service “takes allegations of misconduct seriously and we adhere to the highest standards of conduct for our Marines and sailors.”

“We are working hard to establish the facts of this situation and are following all orders, policies and agencies involved,” he said.

About 2,200 Marines, including 250 U.S. Army servicemen, are currently based in Darwin as part of the 11th annual rotation of Marines to be deployed at NT.

Seasonal forces are training with the Defense Forces of Australia and other countries visiting from May to October.

It is also responsible for humanitarian aid, disaster relief, evacuation missions, strengthening US embassies or military operations in the region.

The force is part of an ongoing U.S. initiative to promote stability in the Indo-Pacific region.

The man was summoned to court on June 16, NT police confirmed.


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