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A woman and a dog were rescued after being trapped for 18 hours in a canal in southwestern Arizona


Authorities in Huma County, Arizona, rescued a woman and her dog on June 8 after they were stuck in a canal for about 18 hours. This footage from the camera, posted by the official page of the Hume County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook, shows officers using rescue equipment to pull out a woman and a dog. According to details in the report, the incident occurred when a woman took out a dog and did not know that a canal was nearby. When she noticed that her dog could not get out of the canal, she went to get it, and also got stuck. Almost 18 hours later, the train conductor noticed the woman and warned the authorities. Upon arrival, Welton Police Department and Huma County Sheriff staff worked to pull the dog and woman to safety. After the leash broke when they rescued the woman, officials used a long dog leash to devour her and drag her to the side of the canal. Welton police sergeant Juan Salsida, the first officer at the scene, told local media that the woman was injured, indicating that she was battling a current in the canal. “Her body told the story of her constant fighting. She had abrasions on her arms and legs. She had a sunburn. She looked so exhausted that she could not stand on her feet, ”Salsida said. The Hume County Sheriff’s Office thanked all participants for their efforts. “We would like to thank all those involved in the rescue operation, including the train conductor, who noticed the object in the water and called the 911 service,” the statement said. According to media reports, the conductor who saw them was on the eighth train that day. Credit: Hume County Sheriff’s Office through Storyful


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