Home Business A young tech worker loses his job after a 20-second TikTok video

A young tech worker loses his job after a 20-second TikTok video


A 24-year-old tech worker says she was fired from her six-figure job for a 20-second TikTok video.

Michelle Serna, who was working remotely in the US, was at a weekly team meeting when she took a funny video of a spilled coffee.

She said she left the cell because what was being discussed was none of her business.

“I didn’t use my big giant brain to think that you could hear my CFO talking in the background of that video,” she said in a separate video, explaining the implications.

The next day, Ms. Serna said, she was called into a meeting with HR and the product director.

“They said, ‘Hey, somebody sent us this video, and we’re firing you from the company immediately for gross negligence,'” she said.

Ms. Serna argued that confidential matters were not discussed in the background of her original video, and while she did not think she should have been fired, she admitted she was wrong.

“I did. It was an oversight. I would agree with that 100%,” she said.

In typical Gen Z fashion, Ms. Serna said she’s not really bothered by the situation, has accepted it and is moving on with her life, using TikTok to help.

Ms. Serna started her own company, Bridle, selling software to equine professionals.

The young entrepreneur promised TikTok users that she would show them every step of business development.

Ms. Serna was still in high school when she first made a name for herself giving talks, including TED talks, about the problematic side of pageantry — a judge once told her at a rodeo competition that she was “pretty but not a pretty queen.” .

In college, Ms. Serna was diagnosed with epilepsy after a head injury and dropped out.

She said she was depressed and had suicidal thoughts, but after getting help, she started public speaking again and entered the tech industry through a startup.

She said she landed her first six-figure role working for a medical device company. She went to work for a large pharmaceutical company before returning to a startup and being fired.

Originally published as Young woman loses six-figure tech job after 20-second TikTok


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