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Achieve pure zero at a lower cost with a future Energy Action webinar


Energy Action, a purchasing and energy management company, is looking to make energy simpler, cleaner and less expensive through its upcoming May 19 online webinar.

The “Clean Zero at Low Cost for Refrigerated Storage and Refrigeration Chains” webinar will help better position businesses in the field of cold storage and cold chains, becoming more sustainable at lower costs.

General Manager of Energy Action – Commercial and Growth Edward Hannah and Business Development Manager Tony Giannikas will discuss:

  • Why businesses should consider pure zero;
  • Benefits and opportunities around renewable energy;
  • How to take a holistic, systematic approach; and
  • Analyze business options to find what suits them.

“These businesses will lead us to pure zero; “Smart businesses need to use net zero as an opportunity to reduce their energy costs and emissions,” said Bruce McFarlane, interim CEO of Energy Action.

“The reaction of investors and customers is the strongest driver, as society pays more attention to sustainable production and ways of doing business.”

To learn more about how Energy Action can help businesses reach pure zero, see our article on them here.

To learn more and register for the webinar, Click here.


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