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Adrian Rudt’s mother is fighting for change after the “indescribable loss” District News


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Sandra Rudt was at work when she answered a call that neither parent should receive after sending the children to school for the day. October 18, 2018 was late in the morning when her son Adrian Rudt was badly injured during a trip to Mount Ainsley, she was told. The 17-year-old Campbell High School student was taken to Canberra Hospital, where he tragically died soon after. Adrian was seriously injured as a result of what Education Minister Yvette Berry at the time called a “terrible accident” while playing “Flag Capture” with the school. Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances of Adrian’s death, and WorkSafe ACT has contributed to a report for the coroner. On Tuesday, almost three and a half years later, the court considered the details of this investigation. Ms. Rudt, who made the statement during the coroner’s hearings this week, described the “absolutely horrible anticipation” of the outcome. The process has probably dragged on for a longer time due to the lack of a special coroner in ACT. Despite the delay, Ms. Rudt said the family hopes the investigation takes into account all the factors that contributed to Adrian’s death and subsequent changes. In a statement read out in court, Ms. Rudt said the dictionary did not have enough words to describe the effects of Adrian’s death on his parents, sister and grandparents. “Adrian was like a ray of sunshine, illuminating the lives of everyone he had contact with. When he died, the lights were turned off for us, ”she said. “Now, three and a half years since Adrian’s death, we are still stumbling in the dark, trying to come to terms with our indescribable loss.” Ms. Rudt told the court it meant coming to terms with the trauma of everything they witnessed on the day of the incident. “Personally, I still can’t bring myself to share with even my closest friends or family the details of everything we saw and experienced that day because I don’t want the details to be etched in their memory the way they stayed forever in mine. forward, “she said.” They don’t need to share the nightmares I still have. “Together with her husband Christian and daughter Christelle, the Ias family was to celebrate Adrian’s 21st birthday in September this year. Ms. Rudt said that he wanted to become an electrician. ”Everything in his life was perfect. He was always happy and everyone just loved him, “she said.” His sister Christelle, she is now 17, and she is reaching milestones he never could. “Now she has a license and she enjoys the holidays and spends time with her friends.” She had 10 years officially, and he could never get a formal 10 years, for her it’s bitter. “READ MORE: No charges ACT police confirmed that this week the findings made by the coroner will be reviewed and a decision will be announced for further action.Mrs. Rudt said her family is fighting to improve processes in the Directorate of Education to prevent another tragedy during outdoor activities in Canberra.She said they want standardized policies, procedures and training to be put in place, particularly with regard to risk assessment and staffing. ”This can bring us comfort, knowing that with our something constructive has emerged from the indescribable loss, “Ms. Rudt said. In a statement, Ms. Rudt said she hoped the coronation process would help her family understand the Department’s decision. Rusty Prosecutor’s Office and Occupational Safety does not prosecute the Directorate of Education for violations of the Labor Protection Act. Ms. Rudt said the outcome of the two-year process was very different from what they expected. “For us, it’s not about the school or the individual teachers,” she said. “It’s about the ACT Directorate of Education and the processes that should have been in place not only to protect children attending school, but also the teachers who are responsible for their safety at school.” A spokeswoman for the Education Directorate told The Canberra Times that Adrian Rudt’s death was a horrific incident. “Our thoughts are with Adrian’s family and friends. As this issue is now part of the official coronation process, it would be inappropriate to say anything further at this stage,” the spokeswoman said. “The Board of Education is supporting Campbell High School staff and students who have been affected.” READ MORE: A culture of safety was considered during the investigation into the death of a teenager. In her statement, Ms. Rudt said it was ironic that her family had immigrated from South Africa so that her children could grow up where they could be safe and have a future. “We have left behind family, friends, careers and all acquaintances to move to Australia and we believe our children will be safe without ever expecting us to send our child to school where he will get dangerous for life injuries while outdoors. educational activities, “Ms. Rudt said. She said that at the time of his death 17-year-old Adrian was behind the wheel, he had a new girlfriend and he started making career choices. “He was happy and cheerful, and always saw the positive in everything,” she said. “He always just made us laugh.” Ms. Rudt said that at the end of a long carnival investigation, almost three and a half years after the incident, they were just getting along. “You can never be okay if you lose a child,” she said. “We’re as good as you can be.” All parties involved in the investigation will now submit written submissions to the Coroner before the last hearing, causing the Coroner to make their recommendations. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: