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Affordable dental implants: local team enters overseas dental market for travel


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, there was a huge surge in dental care. The promise of pearly white smiles with flights and accommodation included a great appeal to the enterprising traveler. As the boundaries now open, some pitfalls surround the trip to the dentists. Leif Swenson, clinical director of the company “Affordable Prostheses and Implants in Philip”, says that after the pandemic, he saw an increase in the number of Australians who choose local dental treatment.

Local clinics, such as affordable dentures and implants, help Australians by offering competitive prices on dental implant treatments.

“Being transparent, building trust with patients and understanding all their dental needs, especially with comprehensive treatment, you usually don’t want to leave in the hands of someone you don’t know and may never see again,” says Leif.

People who are thinking about running away from teeth abroad tend to look for dental implants or high cosmetic procedures such as crowns, bridges and veneers. This can mean high treatment costs even for those who are privately insured in Australia.

A few things to consider before choosing a comprehensive dental treatment abroad:

1. Who do you see?

Misleading marketing can be common among foreign dental practitioners. Booking a 5-star hotel package (or even a 5-star practice “watch”) doesn’t tell you whether the practitioner has the necessary training to conduct the procedure. While local dentists in Australia must adhere to strict and strictly regulated training and hygiene requirements.

2. Subjectivity of the smile

Cosmetic dental procedures are often geographically subjective. This means that, for example, in East Asia, what is considered a beautiful smile is not necessarily the same as in Australia. Where some countries prefer large front teeth and the unnatural color of the “fridge” of white teeth, other cultures prefer small, virtually invisible front teeth. “It’s especially important if you’re working with six front cosmetic teeth so you can spend the necessary time with your dentist to make sure they can give you the smile you need. Time and communication are key, ”says Dr. Garth Jones, implant surgeon at Philip’s Affordable Dentures and Implants Company.

3. Good treatment can take time

Dental implant treatment can take time. For example, it may take three to six months for a dental implant to heal properly with the bone. A few weeks of travel abroad for dental implants does not allow this time; Overseas dental packages are usually for a much shorter period. Asked about rapid implant treatment, Dr. Jones replied: “You can’t fool biology; the body needs time to heal ”. There are increased risks if you rush to complete implant treatment, and your success rate decreases. Time is your best friend after implant surgery.

4. Can you enjoy the rest if you just felt and drilled in your mouth?

The facade of dental tourism and attractive “5-star” dental packages relieve the possible pain and recovery associated with removing a tooth (or teeth) or placing an implant in your bone. Is it really a holiday when you are in pain and can’t eat the way you want? This is another reason why more and more Australians are choosing sophisticated dental procedures in Australia.

5. What if something goes wrong with a new “overseas” smile?

Your local dentist or implant surgeon will likely be very careful before intervening in a comprehensive dental treatment that has been performed abroad. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that they may disagree with the approach or placement of the implants in the bone. They may also not be sure what type of implants were used, or be concerned about the risk of possible complications from implants that they did not install. If, for example, a surgeon cannot access the necessary parts for this brand of implant (because implants of different brands may have unusual fittings), you may not be able to perform corrective work if required.

6. Price

Let’s be honest, the decision to do dental work abroad usually comes down to cost. This, of course, cannot be ignored, despite the risk factors listed above. Thanks to advanced technologies such as digital scanners and guided surgery, such as those used by Dr. Jones and Leif in affordable dentures and implants, Australian practitioners have been able to provide more affordable prices locally without compromising implant selection and treatment procedures.

For more information you can visit Affordable prostheses and implants at 65 Colbee Court, Phillip, or call 02 6190 8828 for a free consultation. Leave your overseas vacations as a vacation … knowing they will be painless!

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