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AFL: North Melbourne captain Jack Siebel supports coach David Noble’s style as he prepares for Game 250


North Melbourne captain Jack Siebel has strongly supported coach David Noble and his coaching style ahead of his 250th game on Sunday.

Speculation continues about the alleged deterioration of Noble coach’s relationship with his players, but Siebel, as a few weeks ago, strongly denied the allegations.

The 31-year-old was careful not to speak on behalf of everyone, saying his comments were based on his own experience, about which he “no worries” worried about Noble’s tough approach.

“It simply came to our notice then. … I guess that’s the industry we’re in. Maybe the news week will be slow, so probably not much is happening and they are looking for something, ”Zibel said.

“But I understand it goes with the territory. If you win one of 10 games; fingers begin to sharpen.

“It’s from us as players and coaches, and from everyone to make sure our performances over the weekend started to improve.”

Camera iconNorth Melbourne coach David Noble supports captain Jack Siebel. Getty Images Credit: Supplied

Noble apologized to his players a few days after inflicting a burning spray on them after the Kangaroos scored 108 points in the 3rd round of the 3rd round in Brisbane.

The club’s game plan was also simplified, but Siebel said Noble was “fantastic” in setting the standards North Melbourne had to reach.

“I love Nob as a coach. He has created one of the safest conditions in our football club for the last 18 months, ”he said.

“There’s so much learning going on in four walls, and it’s really impressive when you consider our pay-as-you-go ratio.

“I think we’ve won five games in the last year and a half (but) we all still love coming to work here, so‘ Nobes ’has done a great job there.

“I feel from the outside the way he does it, but for me the way he coached was fantastic.

“It gets a lot out of our group and it gives a lot of opportunities for our players to learn.”

Siebel was also confident that talented striker Cam Zurhaar will stay at Arden St, despite News Corp revealing that he has parked contract negotiations.

On his own stage, Siebel said it was “pretty cool” and something he would lovingly ponder once his career was over.

“In my wildest dreams, I didn’t think I would get to this point in my career,” he said.

“It was a great trip, and I have fantastic memories along the way, and hopefully (there will be) a few more.”


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