Home Entertainment AFL star Bailey Smith meets stunning brunette Jemma Dawkins

AFL star Bailey Smith meets stunning brunette Jemma Dawkins


The hottest man in feet from the market.

Bailey Smith, the most popular AFL player on Instagram, is quietly dating Gemma Dawkins, This was reported by the Herald Sun..

The 21-year-old Smith became a cult figure of the AFL after the stellar final campaign in 2021 for the Western Bulldogs … not to mention his iconic blonde and six.

The young couple came out at the Grand Prix last month, but do not plan to share much of their personal lives, not wanting to be the center of attention, the newspaper said.

Camera iconA fan asks Bailey to “answer her DM” at a workout. Credit: Kelsey Reed/Western Australian

Smith is Cotton On’s first menswear ambassador, with his torn physique on billboards across Melbourne.

Last week, he joked that his partner’s dad noticed the catchy shots.

“It’s funny. My friend’s father drives past him every day, ”Smith told Code.


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