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After the deadly fight, the security of the Easter show intensified


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More police officers will be patrolling the Royal Easter Show in Sydney as security is tightened at the annual family event after a teenager was killed with a knife.

The Royal Agricultural Society of New Wales has announced a number of measures to help protect visitors after one of his 17-year-old workers was killed Monday night at the crowded carnival part of the show.

New Wales police said the guard was involved in a fight between the two young groups. The second boy was injured in the leg, and a 15-year-old boy was arrested and charged with carrying a knife, but is not charged with the death of an older teenager.

Police have charged one teenager but are still looking for others

The rides were closed on Tuesday as police declared the area a crime scene.

The RAS has issued a statement saying that all attractions will be open on Wednesday, but the main carnival area will close at 9.30pm.

RAS NSW Executive Director Murray Wilton said there would also be a significant additional NSW police presence in the afternoon.

There will also be additional lighting in the main carnival area, more bag checks and increased visibility of metal detectors.

“We have closed the entrance gates to the carnival and people will enter through the members [gates]”He told the Nine Network.

“We will have a full video for everyone involved in the Easter show.”

Enhanced security measures were taken after consultations with police following Monday night’s murder – in addition to new security measures already introduced this year.

“We’ve made changes this year, no doubt,” Mr. Wilton said.

“Of course, that was not enough. So we turned to that yesterday.

“It’s the biggest event in the country, it’s a family event, and people are not allowed to carry knives.”

Police are looking for more suspects in the targeted attack.

“We believe there is someone we still need to identify who is responsible for the stabbing,” superintendent Daniel Emerton said Tuesday.

“It could be one person, it could be several people.”

A Strike Force Calle was created for the investigation.

RAS expects 850,000 people to attend the show, which closes on April 19.

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