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AG can appeal the verdict to the teenage driver who killed the couple


“It was supposed to be … the maximum punishment that could be imposed,” Emotional Field told reporters.

“If it does not inform the legislators of this state, nothing will happen.”

The ID of the current 18-year-old boy cannot be determined because he committed crimes as a child.Credit:Facebook

Redland City Council Mayor Karen Williams has launched a petition asking Fentiman to appeal and amend the Youth Justice Act.

The Queensland LNP opposition supports the petition, and leader David Chrysofouli said the sentence was too lenient and would not deter other youth offenders.


“Tragedies are the inevitable end of a shattered system of youth justice,” he said.

“A sentence commensurate with the crime is necessary.

“A verdict is needed that acts as a deterrent.”

On Saturday, Fentiman refused to sign the petition, saying doing so as the current Attorney General would be inappropriate.

“I would also say that after this incident last year, we strengthened our Youth Justice Act to make sure that when young people commit a serious offense, there is a presumption of bail,” she said.

“These laws work – many young people who have committed serious offenses do not get bail.”

Lidbetter and Field were killed at the intersection of Finucane and Vienna roads in Alexander Hills, east of Brisbane, around 5.30pm on Australia Day 2021.

Ledbetter was in the fifth month of pregnancy the couple’s first child – a son named Miles.

The court found that the killer had been tried seven times on juvenile court on 107 charges, the first time he appeared in 2019 as a 15-year-old.

He was on bail for other crimes when he killed a pregnant couple.

His historical offenses included driving unaccompanied with a student ID and a blood alcohol level of 0.46, as well as hitting a young woman with a gun when he tried to steal a car.

– with Toby Crackford, AAP


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