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Alastair Clarkson, Chris Fagan close to return as North Melbourne, Brisbane Lions coaches after racism allegations


Once the terms of reference are confirmed and there is clarity on what the commission wants from the coaches, and the clubs are confident that they can do their job and meet the commission’s needs, the clubs feel there is no reason not to make their jobs .


Legally, there is no reason for them not to resume training, and in fact it may be illegal to prohibit them from doing so.

Lawyers for the two coaches and former social services worker Jason Burt, who is on leave from his private school job, have yet to receive copies of Hawthorn’s report into current and former First Nations players and their families, in which serious allegations were made.

So the three know nothing about the specifics of the alleged incidents beyond what was written in the ABC story from separate interviews with some of the former players and their partners.

Clarkson is currently in Scotland on an educational trip where he is meeting Celtic’s Australian coach Ange Postecoglou.

“We always said [Chris] Fages, Jason [Burt], [and] i [are] ready to defend himself at the first opportunity,” Clarkson told Channel Seven as he left.

Clarkson, Fagan and Burt all deny their wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Russell Jackson, the ABC journalist who wrote the original story after speaking to some of Hawthorn’s former First Nations players and their families and who made allegations of racism, has publicly apologized to North Melbourne chairman Sonny Hood for criticism he made of her letter to Roos members last week.

Jackson interpreted the reference in the letter to members to “noise” in the final week of the trade period and the possibility of players not wanting to move to the club as a reference to allegations of racism leveled against the club’s manager.

He launched a personal and defamatory criticism of Hood for calling allegations of racism “hype”.

On Monday night, Jackson issued a public apology on Twitter, the social network where he made his initial comments.

“Dr. Hood and I agreed that my interpretation of an ambiguous sentence in Dr. Hood’s letter inadvertently led to allegations against her that were false and defamatory. The tweet should never have been published and I have permanently deleted it. I deny these allegations and apologize unreservedly to Dr. Hood,” Jackson said.


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