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Alec Baldwin settles with the family of the cinematographer


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Actor Alec Baldwin and the producers Rust According to Hutchins’ husband, the film reached a settlement with the family of cinematographer Galina Hutchins, who Baldwin shot and killed while filming last year.

Under the settlement, the family’s civil suit against Baldwin and others will be dismissed, and the film will resume shooting in January with all the original principal players, Matthew Hutchins said in a statement.

The low-budget film was being shot at Bonanza Creek Ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico in October 2021 when 42-year-old Galina Hutchins died.

Baldwin was rehearsing with a revolver when it fired a live round that hit Ukrainian cinematographer and director Joel Souza, who survived.

“I’m not interested in recriminations or assigning blame (to the producers or Mr. Baldwin),” said Hutchins, an M&A lawyer who will executive produce the film under the deal.

“We all believe Galina’s death was a terrible accident.”

A New Mexico state attorney said in September that Baldwin and others could face criminal charges in Hutchins’ death.

Investigators focused on determining who had the gun that fired Baldwin.

The 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live actor has denied responsibility for Hutchins’ death and said live tours should not have been allowed on set.

“We are grateful to everyone who contributed to the resolution of this tragic and painful situation,” his attorney, Luke Nikos, said in a statement about the settlement.

Hutchins family attorney Brian Panish said during a February filing that Baldwin bears substantial responsibility for the killing because he should have checked that the gun was empty, should not have pointed it at the man and should not have pulled the trigger.

Baldwin said he was told the gun was “cold,” an industry term that means it was safe to use, and he did not pull the trigger.

An FBI forensic examination of the single-action revolver found that it “functioned normally” and did not fire without pulling the trigger.

The New Mexico Medical Examiner’s Office in August ruled the shooting an accident because the gun did not appear to have been intentionally loaded with live ammunition.

The state’s occupational safety and health agency fined the film’s production company the maximum possible amount for what it called “deliberate” safety violations that led to Hutchins’ death.

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