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All Australians will be able to access healthcare



By Michelle Gratton, Professor at the University of Canberra

Scott Morrison unveiled a $ 1.1 billion package on Sunday to make Medicare’s telemedicine services publicly available during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as to support mental health, domestic violence and community services.

The Home Health Care Support initiative will extend telehealth to the entire population. In the early stages of the pandemic, the government announced limited access to health care.

Medical expenses of $ 669 million will also include additional incentives for physicians.

People will be able to get advice from home by phone or video conferencing on the services of a therapist, mental health treatment, treatment of chronic diseases and a wide range of other services that do not require personal contact

This will include in-service counseling and access to practicing nurses.

Extensive telemedicine restriction service limits the exposure of patients and healthcare professionals to coronavirus and relieves pressure from hospitals and emergency departments by maintaining policies of self-isolation and quarantine.

The incentive for optimal bills for therapists should be doubled, whether it is remote health counseling or incentive payments to ensure that practitioners remain open to personal services when patients cannot be treated with telecare.

The new agreements will be valid until September 30, when they will be considered.

The government is spending an initial $ 74 million to help combat the impact of the viral crisis on mental health.

Government Digital Health Portal, Head for healthwill be a source of authoritative information on how to maintain good mental health during a pandemic and in self-isolation, as well as how to support children and others.

The National Communication Campaign will also provide guidance on mental well-being.

The money will go to strengthen the capacity of mental health care providers who are experiencing an unprecedented surge in calls.

Healthcare professionals should receive dedicated support in mental health.

To support older people who are at risk of becoming socially isolated due to restrictions on attendance, funds will be allocated to the Community Visitors Scheme to prepare additional volunteers to connect with older people online and by telephone.

Funding will also go to help young people “stay on track” in their education and training through the digital service work and learning headspace and eheadspace.

Indigenous Australians will also receive cross-cultural mental health support funding.

The initial $ 150 million will go to support people who are exposed to domestic, domestic and sexual violence due to the effects of the coronavirus.

About $ 200 million will go to support charities and other non-governmental organizations that provide emergency and food aid as demand grows.

Vulnerable people will receive bills, food, clothing and other needs, such as financial advice, through this community support package.

Scott Morrison said: “As we fight the coronavirus on both the health and economic fronts, with significant support packages and more, I know that many Australians are understandably concerned, tense and fearful of the effects of the coronavirus and that he brings.

“This new support package will provide much-needed help and assistance to many Australians facing difficulties”

Minister of Family and Social Services Ann Rustan said that, given the unprecedented situation, in the coming months the ambulance service is likely to hope for more “than we have seen in our lives”.

“Many people who turn to these services may have never needed such help before,” she said.


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