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Ampol launches a network of chargers for EV


The fuel company Ampol has launched the Australian Electric Vehicle (EV) Rapid Charging Network, with plans to have about 120 DC chargers nationwide by October 2023.

The charging network will be under the AmpCharge brand and will start with five pilot sites at Ampol service stations in Carceldon (Queensland), Alexandria (NSW), Northmead (NSW), Altona North (Victoria) and Belmont (Washington). June and July this year.

AmpCharge chargers will naturally come from renewable energy sources – “or covered in green certificates,” says Ampol – and storage systems for solar panels and batteries.

Camera iconAMPcharge unit, in the center. Credit: Supplied

The chargers will have a power of up to 150 kW and will be able to charge at least two EVs at the same time. Deploying Ampol is part of it agreement with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), announced last July, with ARENA providing partial funding through the Federal Future Fuels Fund – last year, $ 7.05 million was exhibited out of a total investment of $ 26.81 million.

Ampol’s new business follows a similar move by BP, who signed the agreement last week with Australian DC charger company Tritium to build an Australian network of public chargers.

We move on to a time when a typical servo has multiple EV chargers, as well as decent food and coffee that you can spend money on while you wait.

In addition to using a national network of service stations, Ampol plans to “serve customers both at home and on the road both on homesteads and at destinations,” the latter alluding to sites such as shopping malls.

This means that the home charging infrastructure is expected to be developed under the AmpCharge banner, with Ampol adding that it intends to “offer more home energy”. Details of this are yet to come.

Boss Ampol Matt Halliday.
Camera iconBoss Ampol Matt Halliday. Credit: Supplied

Ampol CEO and CEO Matt Halliday called the announcement “an important step forward in implementing Ampol’s future energy and mobility strategy.”

“I am pleased to present today our full-service fast charging ecosystem, AmpCharge, using our existing network, skills and infrastructure to provide a diverse and complete charging network that can minimize range disturbances and support BEV takeovers in Australia,” he said.

“We have been keeping Australians on the move for over 120 years. Today, as energy needs evolve, our vision is to become Australia’s leading energy distributor by providing mobile solutions for any vehicle driven by our customers, anywhere, anytime.

“As we begin to develop our national network, consumers will see AmpCharge at Ampol service stations, warehouses and terminals across the country. For the first time, we will also enter homes, workplaces and shopping malls, as we strive to provide simple and effective charging solutions in convenient locations so that people can move. ”


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