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Andre Rio, Life and Music of Friendship!


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Andre Rio’s latest album, Happy togetherproclaims hope for a new world and reflects the miracle and meaning of friendship music!

As the world continues to accept the realities of the coronavirus pandemic, the joys of life are gradually returning. So, after more than a year of separation, Andre and his orchestra of Johann Strauss were finally able to come together, celebrate and create a beautiful Happy Together.

This is an album that is based on the pleasure of communication, and in particular on a rare society that has developed over 30 years of experience as a single orchestra. Andre explains “We are practically married, me and my orchestra. I can’t do without them, and they can’t do without me. “ It is a community reflected through the notes of music. Andre conveys the emotional basis of the meeting during which “We laughed and cried.”

He believes that this environment has brought due, tangible satisfaction to the audience, within which, “I think you will feel our joy and energy from being able to play music again. I hope my new album will make you very, very happy! ” “Happy Together” is a selection of favorite works of Andre and his wife Marjorie, which inspires and delights the heart. Each track has been thought out and carefully selected to “celebrate life, love and joy” in a world of transformation.

Music is both personal and public. It evokes individual experiences, understanding and memories of individual sounds and melodies. However, it also promotes collaborative activities, a joint celebration of notes and chords that create meaning and happiness. It is very much in the heart of Andre Rio and the character of the wonderful music he creates. He appreciates the meaning of music and with great love appreciates the relationship between himself and his audience. Happy Together connects with people of all ages and encourages a lively music festival.

There is the entertaining and quintessential Circus Renz carnival tune with its insane, insane gallop, mournful and wishing Wiyathul, star-striped, sharp sounds of Semper Fidelis, Waves Of The Danube, sometimes called the anniversary song – the Anniversary Song calm Can’t Help Falling in Love. Other ever-popular works include La Bamba, Maastricht, City Of Jolly Singers, When I’m Sixty Four, Berliner Luft – known as Berlin’s unofficial anthem, and the title track, Happy Together. It is a modern combination of tradition, freedom and fun, inspired by the gifts of friendship and the beauty of sound. Happy Together is a devastating musical escape that embraces a variety of moods, themes and feelings for a diverse international audience. It’s also a reminder that while our wings may still be trimmed – albeit in a state of renewal – we can at least soar to the sounds of music!

“Happy together” available both in stores and online www.andrerieu.com Celebrate a comeback with this joyous new album by superstar Andre Rio and his orchestra of Johann Strauss!


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