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Ange hails Celtic’s ‘never say die’ after late win



Yorgos Dzakoumakis was the hero for the Hoops, scoring from close range as the visitors grabbed all three points in a dramatic final act, leaving the St Johnstone fans heartbroken moments after the joy of seeing Alex Mitchell score three minutes after a break. time

But Postecoglou, who became famous for introducing the phrase “never stop” as a slogan after moving to Scotland, was not entirely satisfied with his side’s performance despite the win, which moved them two points clear of fierce rivals Rangers. on top. Scottish Premier League.

“It’s a game we really should have put to bed a little earlier with chances [we had]” said the former Australia coach.

“At 1-0 they were always in the game, they put a lot of balls into the box for a lot of big bodies and it doesn’t take much for them to get one over the line.

“Having it happen so late in the game should have been a real problem for us, but we did it a few times last year and we’re going to have to do it this year if the game doesn’t run the way we want it to.

“We will need to show that character and resilience to get over the line when we need it and credit to the lads they did.

“We tried to instill that from day one, regardless of the score, you go all the way.

“We always score or always threaten late in games, regardless of the score, so if you need a late goal, we don’t have to change our approach, we just stick to what we do and I think that helps us.

“If we were a different type of team and all of a sudden we had to switch to try to score in some way, then that makes it difficult.”


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