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Annature surpasses forecasts with 500% growth, adds ID verification to its eSigning platform to accelerate future success


Australian businesses continue to distribute e-signature solutions and authentication speeds up Annature’s The revenue growth forecast is 300%, which should now exceed 500% this fiscal year. His confidence in Stripe Payments and Billing helped support his accelerated growth rate.

As Australia’s leading eSigning solution with an integrated digital signature, authentication and payment platform built on blockchain technology, Anatura offers integration with the world ‘s leading document management solutions and cloud storage vendors. Its bank-class security is backed by ISO 27001 certification to ensure the security of data, documents and confidential information about customers and on land.

The key to Annature’s stellar surge in the wide range of industries it serves is its ability to integrate contract execution and customer verification process in a single transaction, on a single platform and at an unmatched cost.

Annature is based on Stripe, integrating Stripe Payments, Billing and Invoiting technology at launch. Stripe was the perfect choice for further developing the Annature Billing and Subscription system and provided the recent smooth launch of a new identity verification solution. Stripe technology has made it easy to integrate payment and identification APIs into the Annature workflow for holistic contract execution.

“We have ambitious international Annature growth plans. Our goal is to become Australia’s most innovative online platform for electronic signatures and ID verification, ”said CEO and Founder Amrita Abat. “And it’s nice to see that we go beyond that vision. Our ongoing development of our electronic signature and ID verification platform is delivering on its promises, and the team is exceeding its customer service expectations. ”

The Annature was launched in late 2020, and since then the first quarter of envelopes has been electronically signed, tripled in 2021 and recorded an envelope growth of 400% in the first quarter of 2022.

Recent customer additions to the ever-growing Annature platform include LegalVision, Sprintlaw, BBQs Galore, Illumin8, Salestrekker, LoanQ and Margin Gains. Now Annature collaborates with Stripe, FYI Docs, myprosperity, APS Reckon, Xero and Chatti.

In many countries around the world, electronic signature requirements for government and private business are required, the Annature complies with national laws worldwide.

“In my opinion, we have beaten the competition in technology, partnership, data security and ahead when it comes to value,” Amrita concluded.


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