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Anthony Albanese: All the changes that Albo made on the first day


Nine years have passed since the Prime Minister of Labor settled in the lodge, and Anthony Albanese has not wasted time on change.

Nine years have passed since the Prime Minister of Labor settled in the lodge, and Anthony Albanese has not wasted time on change.

During the election campaign, there were fears that parliament would be suspended and there would be a long wait to see who would form the government.

However, Labor is approaching a majority government with a clear mandate to rule, which means Mr Albanese has a license to put his stamp on things.

Although he needed to pack his suitcase to fly to Japan for the Quad meeting on Monday night, the newly elected leader still managed to make some notable changes in the first days he was in power.

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A historic change in the Blue Room

Almost immediately after the oath, Mr. Albanese gave his first press conference as prime minister – along with the new ministers.

Beside him stood his deputy, Richard Marles, and the front courts, Penny Wong, Jim Chalmers and Katie Gallagher.

Mr. Marles was sworn in as Minister of Employment, Senator Wong as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Chalmers as Treasurer and Senator Gallagher as Minister of Finance, Minister of Women’s Affairs and Attorney General.

“Australians have voted in favor of the change,” Mr Albanese said. “And my government intends to implement these changes in order.”

One of the changes was immediately noticeable when the press entered the Blue Hall in the House of Parliament for the first media conference of the new Prime Minister.

There, the Canberra Press Gallery was in place to see Flags of aborigines and inhabitants of the Torres Strait are set up behind the rostrum next to the flag of Australia for the first time.

Mr Albanese did not note much change when he first spoke to reporters as prime minister, but he referred to his plans to move forward with Uluru’s statement from the heart.

Uluru’s statement wholeheartedly calls for constitutional changes that introduce a process in which the Australian government cooperates with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in deciding to rule the country fairly.

Swinging an ax

Although he “respects” the civil service and believes he will not fire people before being elected, Mr Albanese has already taken steps to cut off the country’s top civil servant, Phil Getgens, hours after being sworn in. .

Scott Morrison has been controversially instructed by a senior civil servant to investigate that his office is aware of allegations by Liberal official Brittany Higgins that she was raped in the House of Parliament in 2019.

Following the transition from the Treasury to the post of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s head of department, Phil Getgens’ salary rose from $ 879,978 to $ 914,460 a year.

However, News.com.au understands that Mr Gaetjens was ahead of the move and offered to stay away.

Swear “get down to business”

After settling as prime minister after his first press conference, Mr Albanez received calls from world leaders about his election victory.

He spoke with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about “the power of Australia’s close relationship with the United Kingdom”.

“We discussed our common commitment to AUKUS and to working on climate change,” Mr Albanese said.

However, he soon targeted Japan, where he landed overnight to meet with Quad leaders – the US, India and Japan.

On Tuesday, Mr Albanez will meet face-to-face with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishido, US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, and will return to Australia on Wednesday to “get down to business”. Biden is expected to personally congratulate Albanese on Tuesday.

Commitment to research mass texts

Another step during his one-day tenure as prime minister, Mr Albanez reportedly instructed his government to investigate the arrival of a ship seeking asylum in Sri Lanka on the morning of the election – after the Liberals massively sent voters texts about it during the vote. . day.

Earlier this week, Mr Morrison warned voters that the smugglers were preparing to set fire to their business in the event of a Labor victory.

On Saturday the Liberals sent Fr. a mass of robo-texts for voters after Mr. Morrison’s ad was seized, the asylum-seeking vessel was intercepted, apparently on its way to Australia.

The move outraged senior Labor members, who questioned the timing of the announcement and the Liberal Party’s immediate mass text messages to voters in marginalized places.

The report said: “PARAM – Australian border forces have intercepted an illegal boat trying to reach Australia. Preserve our borders by voting for the Liberals today. https://vote.liberal.org.au ».

Today, Sydney Morning Herald Several senior Labor sources have reportedly confirmed that there will be an overview of how the boat came so close to Australia, and the timing of the disclosure. News.com.au contacted Mr. Albanese’s office for comment.

– with Samantha Maiden

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