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Anthony Albanese defeats Scott Morrison; Peter Dathan is ready to become an opposition leader; independents Monique Ryan, Zoe Daniel, Allegro Spender take seats in the coalition; Josh Friedenberg loses Kuyonga; In Australia, a surge of votes for green, blue


Scott Morrison’s strategy to win in suburban and regional locations from Labor and retain power failed in the 2022 election, and Peter Dutton became the man most likely to become the next leader of the Liberal Party.

Josh Friedenberg, the man most likely to challenge Dathan for leading the Liberal Party, admitted last night that he was likely to lose Kuyonga’s liberal seat with a blue ribbon after counting 39% of the vote.

Peter Dathan is ready to become the next leader of the Liberal Party.Credit:Jamila Toderas

Morrison announced he would step down as Liberal Party leader at the next meeting in the party hall, “to ensure the party can be promoted under the new leadership, which is right,” though he said he would continue to represent Cook.

That evening, Dathan paid tribute to Morrison and Friedenberg, saying the race was still tough in a number of competitions and that “I want to admit the pain” of colleagues who faced losing their seats.

Five hours after polls closed on Saturday night, with 52 percent of the vote counted, it became clear that the coalition could not form a government as a bribe. Deputies in the coalition went to Laborteas are independent and green.

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