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Anthony Albanese has promised the world a government that “represents change” at the first press conference as prime minister

Prime Minister Anthony Albanez still hopes to form a majority government to lead the nation, but says key members of the bench have vowed to support his legitimacy.
On Monday, Mr Albanez held his first press conference as prime minister following his swearing-in ceremony at the Government House by Governor-General David Hurley.

He said his arrival as prime minister was a message to the world that a new government “representing change” had emerged in Australia.


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanez was sworn in by Australian Governor-General David Hurley during a ceremony at the Government House in Canberra on Monday, May 23, 2022. Source: AAP / LUKAS COCH / AAPIMAGE

“I want to unite people and I want to change the way politics is conducted in this country,” Mr. Albanese told reporters.

“People are tired of conflict and I want to work with people, whether it’s a bench or the opposition.”
Mr. Albanese spoke at a press conference with.

Anthony Albanese made his debut at a news conference as prime minister with Aboriginal and Torres Strait flags. Source: AAP / LUKAS COCH / AAPIMAGE

He also said he had held discussions with re-elected members of the Cross – Rebecca Sharkey, Bob Catter, Andrew Wilkie and Hall Stegal – who expressed confidence and delivery to his government.
Commitments mean they have vowed not to support a vote of no confidence in the government, allowing them to work unhindered without these violations.
“They will consider the legislation on the merits. I expect that to be the case. I will treat them with respect, ”he said.

Mr Albanese was sworn in on Monday along with Deputy Prime Minister Richard Marles, new Foreign Secretary Penny Wong and new Treasurer Jim Chalmers and Finance Minister Katie Gallagher.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is photographed with caretaker ministers Penny Wong, Jim Chalmers, Richard Marles and Katie Gallagher after the swearing-in ceremony at the Government House in Canberra. Source: AAP / LUKAS COCH / AAPIMAGE

Senator Gallagher also received the roles of Minister for Women and Acting Attorney General.

The working group will meet next Tuesday, and the full oath of the new ministry will take place next week on Wednesday, June 1st.

Mr Albanese and Senator Wong left for Tokyo on Monday afternoon to meet with President Joe Biden, host leader and Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong wave their hands as they land a plane to Japan to attend a meeting of QUAD leaders in Tokyo, Canberra. Source: AAP / LUKAS COCH / AAPIMAGE

Ahead of the meeting, Senator Wong posted a video on social media to show his commitment to relations with the Pacific.

“I became foreign minister at a time when our region is facing unprecedented challenges, but we will meet with them,” she said.

“We want to help build a strong Pacific family, so we’ll do more, but we’ll also do better – we’ll listen because we don’t care.”

This comes after the election campaign drew attention to relations with the region after the signing of a security treaty with the Chinese government by Solomon Islands became a point of discussion.


Anthony Albanese talks to US President Joe Biden

Earlier, Mr Albanese said he was called last night by US President Joe Biden on Sunday night, who said “relations with the United States are most important”.
On the eve of the Quad Alliance meeting, Mr. Albanese was asked about the potential for improving relations with China from their recent turbulent history.
“I have said, and we say, that relations with China will remain difficult,” he said.
“This is China changed, not Australia and Australia must always uphold our values ​​and we will be in the government I lead.”

Mr Albanez said he planned to use the Quad meeting to discuss his government’s ambitions to combat climate change and pursue a stronger foreign policy in the region.

During a conversation Sunday, Mr. Biden reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to the American-Australian alliance.
“President Biden expressed deep gratitude for the early commitment of the prime ministerial candidate to the alliance, which was reflected in his decision to travel to Tokyo almost immediately to attend the Quad Summit,” the US government said in a call.

On Monday morning, the official figures of the Australian Electoral Commission had Labor for 75 seats in the House of Representatives – one less than the majority – but the party is projected to get as many as 77 seats.

Barnaby Joyce on the future of the coalition with the Liberals

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce also clashed with the media on Monday about the future coalition after losing the election.
“I prefer the coalition that works best – the coalition between the two business partners,” he said.
He also defended the contribution of citizens to these efforts, saying they had returned all the seats they had held in the last election.

“When we are in our seats, we believe that for the most part we are Obi-Wan Kenobi’s last hope for people who do it hard,” he said.


Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce stood up for the national team after the coalition’s defeat in the election. Source: AAP / MICK TICCAS / AAPIMAGE

He was asked whether the approach of citizens to climate change policy played a role in the fact that several moderate liberal MPs lost their seats in the election.

“I’m not in the Liberal Party – I’m in the National Party,” he said.
“People in inner city areas aren’t stupid enough to understand that citizens don’t really stand still.”
Liberals and citizens have agreed to support net zero emissions by 2050 for the last term, but this came after lengthy negotiations on the deal and resistance from some members.

He said the policy would be revised after the election, but that did not mean it would be repealed.

Composition of the next Parliament of Australia

The Liberal National Coalition had 57 seats, and Scott Morrison should step down from the Liberal Party leadership as soon as a meeting in the party hall can be scheduled.


He is expected to be replaced by Defense Minister Peter Dathan, who may face opposition from the party’s party.
Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday also reacted to Mr Albanese’s victory, praising him as a “good man”.
“It is a great honor and responsibility to lead our nation, and you will do so indefinitely,” he said.

“You are a good person, and in the most difficult times an important character.”

One of the first major developments in the next two weeks will be a meeting with the prime ministers of the states and chief ministers of the territories, where Mr. Albanese will outline the position of the new federal government on more ambitious climate action.

He is also expected to hold a summit on employment with the business community and unions on productivity and wages.


The Labor government is facing a wave of new independent candidates and an increasing presence of Greens who could keep the balance of power in the Senate.
Independent candidates have vowed to push the government to address three issues: a more ambitious climate policy, a national commission for the integrity and equality of women.
A moderate liberal and outgoing minister, Simon Birmingham has said the party needs to raise its emissions target by 2030 and do more to pre-select women for safety.

The Greens, having secured a record vote in the primary election, intend to take 12 seats in the Senate in the new parliament and up to five seats in the lower house.


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