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Anthony Albanese, Penny Wong in Japan at the 2022 Quad; Peter Datton is to become the leader of the Liberal Party; Michael Sukar, Matt Greg fighting for Dickin; Anthony Albanese comments on the war between Russia and Ukraine


Liberal MPs, who feared their government was on the verge of electoral oblivion, called on Josh Friedenberg to challenge Scott Morrison last September, but failed to persuade the former treasurer to turn against his leader.

Liberal Senator Andrew Bragg, one of a number of moderate lawmakers who approached Friedenberg with the idea of ​​a coup, confirmed that previous discussions had taken place, but the conspiracy faltered after Friedenberg declared his loyalty to the prime minister.

Josh Friedenberg’s refusal to challenge Scott Morrison was one of several moments for their government.Credit:James Brickwood

“It is clear that colleagues always take into account the duration of the election,” he said.

Former Liberal MP NSW Jason Falinski, who lost his seat to stand out with independent Sophie Scamps, also confirmed The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that he was campaigning for a change of leader.

“There have been no serious talks about replacing the prime minister,” he said.

Friedenberg declined to comment.

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