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Anthony Albanese’s election promise to lower electricity bills by $275 backfired Jim Chalmers


Labor relied on modeling by RepuTex which said its policy would cut annual average retail electricity bills by 18 per cent or $275 by 2025 and by 26 per cent or $378 by 2030.

The gains stem from the Rewiring the Nation policy, which uses $20 billion in debt to modernize the power grid and encourage more solar and wind generation, producing cheaper energy.

It was a shield that helped the work fending off coalition fears about a carbon tax.

Given the past decade of political climate struggle, Anthony Albanese has used the shield on a daily basis. His words: “Labour’s Powering Australia plan will cut electricity bills by $275 a year for homes.”

The simulation served its political purposes and was shut down. Albanese never again makes the $275 claim, which left Dutton displeased Wednesday.

“Stop being so slippery – mention $275,” Dutton said on the box.


Budget kills claims, even if Labor can’t admit reneging on election promise.

The budget projections for electricity bills are so radically different from last year’s that the old RepuTex simulations cannot produce the same number. Despite this, Labor could repeat the simulation of today’s electricity bills if they believe their policies are working.

The immediate task, however, is to act on electricity and gas prices. The modeling may be out of date, but Labor told people to wait for the results. Voters will judge Albanese and Chalmers by what they do now with prices.


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