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Applause Queen at the anniversary show


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The Queen was hailed with applause as the celebration of her platinum anniversary celebrations began with a stellar equestrian extravaganza featuring some of the world’s leading performers.

Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Lady Helen Mirren, who once again played the Queen of England, led a team of artists who appeared at the first major event dedicated to the Queen’s 70th anniversary on Monday (Australian time).

The audience rose to their feet, applauding and greeting as the monarch arrived at the arena near Windsor Castle for musical and theatrical merriment for centuries, called. Gallop on history.

The event was hosted by the Royal Windsor Equestrian Show, which has welcomed spectators for the past three days, including the Monarch, which spent part of its Friday touring the exhibition grounds after previously missed the opening of parliament.

Despite constant mobility problems, the Queen approached her place in the Royal Lodge after she was driven to the Castle Arena accompanied by cavalry cavalry.

She was joined by the Earl and Countess of Wessex for a show that reflected her passion for horses throughout her life.

Among the celebrities who took part in the show were Damian Lewis, Omid Jalili and Catherine Jenkins, a British and international talent for Sunday’s performance.

The queen sat in the royal box with a blanket on her lap and scales on her shoulders, while Jalili, the herald and narrator of the hustle and bustle of history, escorted the audience through key moments.

The Queen is watching the anniversary performance in her honor. Photo: Getty

Cruz told an ITV broadcaster that the queen “is a woman I admire very much.”

“What she has achieved is historical. She met with presidents, world leaders, people from all walks of life, ”he said Top Gun and The mission is impossible said the star.

“Not only Americans, but the world knows dignity, devotion and kindness, this is something I have always felt for her.

“Someone who understands her position and has held on to it throughout a story that has been unusual for the past 70 years.”

Mirren, who won an Oscar for her role as queen in the film of the same name, played Queen Elizabeth I when the show began with a chronicle of the events of the first Elizabethan era, from trying to invade the Spanish Armada to leading figures of the day like William Shakespeare.

Highlights include the Royal Cavalry of Oman, which filled the arena with a demonstration of riding, including the kind of horses lying on the team, as well as the skills of accurate marching and handling the rifle of the Royal Norwegian Guard.

Performers from Azerbaijan amazed the crowd when riders performed feats, when their horses jumped, from lying on their backs to handstands.

Cruz presented what he said was “one of the most exciting, exciting, soulful shows” when he announced the performance of the Royal Cavalry Artillery.


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