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Aronte Pinchgut appeals to the masses


For Kostya, there is also an additional dynamic that the librettist Jacinta Andrea Chicagnini gives much more space to the heroes of the lower class, which was a radical step for the time.

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Directed by Constantine Bones Orange.Credit:Jenny Barrett

“We believe that servants and pageants behave more decently, consistently than people upstairs,” he says. “It was shocking and scandalous, and it was a refreshing way to look at humanity that hadn’t really been seen before in his time.”

A lot has been thought about stage design that is not traditional.

“The action takes place in Egypt, and we think, ‘What the hell does Egypt mean?’ We’re not going to put the pyramids on stage, so we have this delicious, slightly bad feeling of Egypt and Las Vegas. We seek theatricality, color and exaggeration. There are cognitive images of people brought to the level of animation. “

A lot of attention was also paid to the dance components and the movement as a whole on stage. Together with choreographer Shannon Burns, who worked on the successful film Pinchgut Delicate fireBones says he is on a mission to destroy “park and barking,” a derogatory term applied to traditional opera singers who do little on stage other than sing.


“We believe that singing improves when there is psychology and there is movement,” says Kostya. “Everything is connected. You get different colors and theatricality that you just don’t feel when it’s, you know, Turns sitting in a chair ”.

Burns agrees: “They sing so deeply clearly and deeply connected. There is no point in just standing there if you feel that way. ”

Apart from the composition, Cesti also sang, which is very evident in the music Orangesays Hellard.

“Because he was a singer, his music is much more melodic and lyrical,” he says. “The melodies are really sensual and gorgeous. It is full of little melodies. “

And as for the central question of whether love or reason rules (spoiler: love wins), Hayard has his own personal thoughts.

“I go for love all the time,” he says. “I’m a thinker, but in the end, like music, you always go with your heart.”

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