Home Technology Asendium announces two-way integration with Omnium to deliver real-time insurance quotes

Asendium announces two-way integration with Omnium to deliver real-time insurance quotes


Violator of financial advice Asendium has announced the integration of insurance technology provider Omnium to provide advisors with real-time insurance quotes as part of their consultation.

Asendium continues to transform the landscape of financial advice through its dynamic platform, which creates all the necessary advice documents simultaneously – through a single instance of data entry. The Asendium platform eliminates the manual part of generating parades, thus creating more time for consultants to work with clients and build their business.

Omnium has been providing life insurance sales software to financial advisors since 2002. Omnium is a leader in the industry, bringing to market innovative solutions such as its own mobile comparison apps, website comparison tools and direct processing technology.

“Asendium continues to focus on using our technology to transform the landscape of consulting and working with other leading solutions to create a system that allows consultants to do what they do best – give high-quality advice to their clients,” said Asendium CEO Scott. Miller said.

“Insurance has always been one of the processes holding back SOA delivery, as paragliders had to manually chase quotes for each customer from different insurers. We are pleased that we have allowed our users to use the power of the Omnium platform. ”

Thanks to Asendium’s single sign-on experience, planning teams can pass on customer information such as age, smoker status and occupation, as well as complete Asendium to Omnium insurance needs analysis to easily compare lifetime premiums, TPDs, injuries and income insurance.

“As pioneers in insurance, we look forward to working with Asendium’s new exciting platform to help them achieve their goal – to give consultants the opportunity to create advice for clients on the same day,” said Dr. David King, founder and chief architect of Omnium. .

“Thanks to the capabilities of the Omnium back office and the dynamic process of creating parades and creating Asendium documents, we are watching the future of the parade come to life.”

To learn more about integration, sign up for our upcoming webinar here: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/5616523175279/WN_Hao5ea25QKS1oLVo5Ab4PQ


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