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Audi urbansphere Space travel in the heart of the metropolis


Audi urbansphere – Audi develops its own adaptations to modern transport needs, focusing on the interior layout and space in the car.

They say their concept of the urban sphere offers a radical vision of the future of urban travel.

Originally conceived for use in Chinese metropolises with heavy traffic, they believe it is also suitable for any other metropolitan centers.

The concept offers the largest interior space of all Audi to date.

Audi describes it as a living room on wheels and a mobile office that serves as the third living space during the time spent on the road.

In the car, automated control technology eliminates the need for a steering wheel, pedals or displays, making it a mobile interactive space.


Governments will need to manage applications of these technologies to avoid massive congestion in mobile offices where sitting in a traffic jam is not such a big deal for those who can work or have fun, compared to important features such as shipping freight.

Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere and Audi urbansphere are three concept cars that the four-ring brand has developed to showcase its vision of tomorrow’s premium mobility world. In the process, Audi creates a car experience that goes far beyond just spending time in the car to get from point A to point B.

Scope № 1: The Audi skysphere electric roadster concept debuted in August 2021. He introduced an exciting vision of a self-driving GT that transforms into a self-driving sports car with a variable wheelbase.

Just a few weeks later, Audi unveiled the second model in the realm series, the Audi grandsphere concept, at the IAA 2021. This large four-seater sedan exemplified the brand’s drive to define the future of progressive luxury.

What both concept cars have in common with Audi urbansphere is that the whole concept is based on Tier 4 autonomous car technology. Audi is currently collaborating with CARIAD, a Volkswagen Group software company to introduce this technology in the second half of the decade.

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