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Australia will help train Ukrainian troops in the new military aid package


“Bushmasters have performed very well on the battlefield and this additional support will make a significant contribution to the liberation of more of Ukraine from the invading Russian forces.”


Ukrainian forces have been rapidly advancing on the southern provincial capital of Kherson, raising hopes that they will retake the city within days and inflict another humiliating defeat on Putin.

Kherson was under Russian control from the first days of the invasion.

Miroshnichenko made it clear that additional military support in the form of vehicles and ammunition was Ukraine’s priority, not training, but welcomed the UK’s training initiative.

Britain led the effort to provide basic military training for thousands of Ukrainian civilians by taking them on combat courses in England.

Defense Secretary Richard Marles, who flagged the training initiative earlier this monthsaid: “Our soldiers will participate in a major training program in the United Kingdom to help prepare their Ukrainian comrades to fight Russia’s unjustified and illegal aggression.”


He added: “Since their arrival, the Bushmasters have been actively used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with increased requests from the President of Ukraine, the Minister of Defense and the Ambassador.”

Ukraine also has Australia has requested the deployment of a fleet of Hawkei protected vehicleswhich are still in testing, on the battlefield, and more long-range howitzers and ammunition.

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