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Australian Federal Election 2022 live: Coalition will publish prices as Morrison and Albanese try to win hearts and minds | Australian election 2022


Labor will publish a cost estimate on Thursday

Bill Shorten told the Nine network that the Labor campaign will publish its prices on Thursday.

First of all, Mr. Morrison would like to think that everyone is forgetting what was in the previous election. When Mr Abbott ran for prime minister in 2010 and 2013, he published his prices last week. This government, when I fought against them, previously published its prices last week, and that’s what we do, as usual.

Yes, we have laid out our headlines. Then we were very prompt. But let’s not forget that if Mr. Morrison wants to argue about financial creditworthiness, he has brought our debt to $ 1 trillion. Not enough zeros to run across the screen. He is in despair. He just wants to take a bag of work.

Catherine Murphy saw some polls showing that Labor has the potential to succeed in Queensland:

The work unfolds the frontbencher Penny Wong the electorate of Brisbane and Higgins in the last days of the election campaign, as the opposition is becoming more inclined about its prospects to take a seat in the Liberals because of voter dissatisfaction Scott Morrison.

Strategists say Labor’s internal polls point to opportunities in four places held by liberals – Brisbane and Ryan in Queensland, Benelong in Sydney and Higgins in Victoria – because these constituencies have a high rejection of Morrison and disgruntled centers of discontent. . to the back.

The Guardian Australia understands that in private YouGov polls, 58% of respondents in Ryan, 57% in Benelong, 62% in Brisbane and 65% in Higgins disapproved of Morrison’s speech as prime minister when asked if they were positive or negative. to the Liberals. leader.

Return to Radio RN Breakfast, Josh Friedenberg ask why Scott Morrison there is no sign on his ballot paper.

There’s a lot of signs about me because I’m a candidate, he says.

Asked again, he says;

This is my name and my name is only in the ballot box.

The Liberal Campaign this morning in Darwin. They believe they can win Lingiari.

Paul Carp

treasurer Josh Friedenbergreported National Radio Coalition impose an additional 0.5% “efficiency dividend” for the public sector, cutting $ 2.3 billion from government agencies and policy-making agencies and service providers.
He said:

Efficiency dividends work in that department heads need to find that efficiency … The department’s annual account is $ 327 billion, we say it will be reduced to $ 324 billion … They are best suited to work as they find efficiency ” .

Friedenberg noted that Labor also had dividends on efficiency when it last took office.

Friedenberg argued that Labor policies, such as emergency centers, had not been properly assessed, and Anthony Albanese was forced to withdraw the claim, which he self-assessed by the PBO.

Asked about Jane Hume Noting that the use of retirees for housing will lead to temporary “sharp” prices, Friedenberg noted that the first home buyers will postpone their purchase.

Friedenberg relied on the Property Council to ensure that property prices did not rise sharply. He noted that the policy is estimated to add $ 5 billion to the housing market, which will not have a “significant” impact on the housing market.

Part of the coalition’s costing includes dividends on efficiency – another way to talk about cuts.

Where from? Josh Friedenberg can’t say. This will be decided by the heads of departments.

He told ABC Radio RN:

Well, efficiency dividends work in that department heads need to find these performance metrics in their organization.

Paul Carp

Paul Carp

treasurer Josh Friedenbergand Minister of Finance, Simon Birminghamwill publish the Coalition’s estimate in Melbourne this morning.

The costing will show a budget improvement of $ 1 billion over four years, which is actually a peanut, given that in the 2022 budget the government has decided to spend $ 70 billion out of $ 100 billion to improve revenue. The $ 1 billion savings are largely driven by dividends on public sector efficiency, or, to put it simply: a reduction in policy-making and service-providing agencies.

The government is using the occasion to fuel allegations that Labor is irresponsible financially, citing claims during a pandemic it would have spent $ 81 billion more a factoid based on heroic assumptions about how much Labor would push applicants. It also conveniently ignores the $ 40 billion employees that the coalition allocates to companies that have not reached the threshold for declining incomes.

The coalition is also targeting Labor for not yet submitting its policies to Parliament’s Budget Office to calculate costs, leaving it for the campaign’s deadly days – the same trick Tony Abbott abolished before the 2013 election.

Friedenberg said:

We introduced 35 politicians to calculate the costs, but Labor did not present any. Labor could not manage the money and, to avoid proper scrutiny, they did not provide their prices for independent scrutiny and publication during the campaign.

Birmingham said:

The Morrison government will always look for opportunities to strengthen the budget while developing the economy and providing the necessary services.

Good morning

There are only four days left and Scott Morrison 2.0 and Anthony Albanese do their best to win hearts and minds.

But as the battle of photo operations continues, both companies are trying to win the main battle, each of the leaders trying to single out the other as a bigger risk.

Today it led Coalition to announce the publication of cost estimates to crush Labor who have not yet announced them.

Expenses used to be a big deal, and they were taken seriously. Then it became another political weapon.

I prefer modeling that considers whether it will increase employment by $ 1 billion, etc.

Worth it [correctly] have no second-order consequences (e.g., spending that $ 1 billion will result in a $ 500 million income tax), so they often say little about the real * economic * impact

– Greg Jericho (@GrogsGamut) May 16, 2022

But the coalition will say they can improve budget revenues and then use that to point a finger at Labor. After setting up a housing battle, the Coalition is now looking to fight “economic managers”.

We will bring you all day as it happens. Now I’m bathing in coffee, and that still doesn’t seem to be enough.

Ready? No, me too. However, we have to get started.


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