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Australian Nurses and Midwives Federation: Unions new push for four-day work week


A major Australian union has renewed calls for the country to move to a four-day work week.

The Victorian branch of the Australian Nurses and Midwives Federation called for the working week to be reduced by one day, or to a 32-hour week instead of 38, in a submission to a federal Senate committee this week.

ANMF reported Work and Care Select Committeewhich is due to issue an interim report next month that the cuts will “give all staff a better opportunity to balance work with personal responsibilities”.

In them presentation, The ANMF has also called for a widening of the circumstances in which carers can apply for personal leave, from illness, injury and emergencies to events such as a parent being placed in a nursing home or your child attending school.

Author Alex Sojung-Kim Pang recently told Sky News Australia that “several dozen” Australian companies were due to begin a six-month trial of the four-day week in October.

Mr. Soojung-Kim Pang said the signs from an earlier trial that began in the United Kingdom were promising.

“More than half of them, I think about 55 percent, say that the work productivity is at the same level as when they worked five days or more,” he said.

“Only five percent say it may have gone down a bit, and overall people say they are happier, less stressed and feel they have a better work-life balance.”

In Iceland, about 85 percent of workers now work four days a week, while trials continue in Canada, the United States, Spain and New Zealand.

Originally published as A new push for a four-day work week is gaining momentum


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