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Australian refugees for refugees donate a set of books to the Griffith City Library to raise awareness | District News


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The Griffith Rural Australian Refugee Office has donated a set of brand new books to the Griffith City Library to raise awareness of the refugee crisis in Nauru and Manus. The group donated several copies of the Asylum Seekers, Our Stories books to the Asylum Seekers Resource Center and Javet Ealom’s Escape from Manus: Untold True Story. “Asylum Seekers, Our Stories” is a collection of stories by authors detailing their travels to Australia, as well as the different destinies and experiences from which they come. Liz Humphries of Rural Australians for Refugees said the book has come a long way in fighting the federal government’s efforts to dehumanize. “The government has deliberately dehumanized asylum seekers … The main reason for this book is to bring humanity back to them, to show that they are mothers, fathers and brothers and sisters,” she explained. “It puts the story back in the hands of asylum seekers. They are all different. ” The stories are accompanied by high-quality portrait photographs of the narrators, and funds from the ASRC book are invested to fund other projects to enhance their voice. RELATED “Escape from Manus: Untold True Story” is the story of Javit’s escape from the genocide in Myanmar, his trip to Indonesia, his arrest on arrival in Australia, and then his escape from the Australian coastal detention center and further travel to Canada. To date, Mr. Ealom is the only person who has successfully escaped from the center. Mrs. Humphries found it hard to believe. “If you didn’t know it really happened and didn’t read it as a fictional story, you would call it incredible.” IN OTHER NEWS, Rina Cannon is a library employee who accepted donations and said they were happy to receive them. “We are always happy to receive new books from the library … From next week they will be available in the biography section.” While the RAR group is stepping up its activities, in the near future they do not plan to make any donations of books. “Only when more books come out,” said Sheila Brady, another contestant who came to the show. Our journalists make every effort to provide local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:


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