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Australian Shiraz Sons of Eden was recognized as the best in the exhibition at DWWA 2022


The Barroso region of Australia has proven its ability to produce a wide range of world-class awards by winning two coveted Best in Show awards at the 2022 Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) recently for wines from each of the two Barroso valleys; Eden Valley and Barossa Valley.

Even more notable is the fact that both awards were received by a single producer, Sons of Eden, for their old vine Romulus Barossa Valley Shiraz 2019 and Remus old vine Eden Valley Shiraz 2019.

In the 19th year, DWWA 2022 is evaluated by leading wine experts from around the world and enjoys international credibility for its rigorous judging process. This year’s expert panel of judges includes almost 300 international wine experts, including more than 60 wine masters and sommelier masters.

After 2021 was a record year for the number of wines tasted, this year the record was again raised with 18,244 wines from 54 countries.

Awarded only 50 wines, this year’s Best in Show winners make up just 0.27 per cent of the total number of wines tasted, and of the 50 best wines of the competition, six came from Australia.

“By the time the wine is considered the ‘Best of the Show’, it has already gone through the panel as ‘gold’, it has gone through the second week of judging where we find our dams,” said co-chair Andrew Jeffford, commenting on the top of the competition. . to thank. “It’s already gold to the dam, so it’s a super wine. After that, we look for a selection of wines that, in our opinion, are excellent examples of their style, as well as a well-balanced choice.

The two Best in Show awards follow two platinum medals from previous year’s awards, further strengthening Sons of Eden’s experience as a producer of fine wines.

Owned by winemaker Cory Ryan and winemaker Simon Kauham, the duo has collectively amassed more than 50 brands at Barossa and has established itself as a formidable team and absolute experts in the region.

“We have long known about Barossa’s ability to produce world-class breadth, and we see the power of these old cherished vines from both the Eden Valley and the Barossa Valley producing excellent wines,” said Eden’s owners Simon Kauham and Cory Ryan.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with these results. Such awards help the world show that Australia, and especially our beloved Barroso, continues to produce excellent wines. ” Said Cowham and Ryan.

The 2019 Sons of Eden ‘Romulus’ Barossa Valley Old Vine Shiraz and the 2019 Sons of Eden ‘Remus’ Old Vine Eden Valley Shiraz cost $ 80 per bottle and will be released in early 2023.

Visit https://awards.decanter.com/DWWA to view the full list of winners.


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