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Australians upset Doctor Who ditches ABC for Disney+


However, some fans see that the series could have a bigger budget, make more money than the public broadcasters can offer, and reach a wider global audience through Disney+.

“If more money can provide more support to make the show we all want, then that’s definitely better,” said Lauren Davies, a Sydney-based fan and past president of the Doctor Who club.

“Perhaps this could open the door for ABC to consider creating its own sci-fi family drama that could fill the void.”

Doctor Who fan Ben McKenzie is among the disappointed viewers to learn the show will no longer air on ABC.credit:Wayne Taylor

Ben McKenzie, who hosted a podcast celebrating the series’ 50th anniversary, said its disappearance from the ABC after more than 50 years surprised and saddened him.

“It’s great to have it on a public broadcaster where everyone can watch it, and now it’s gone to one of the many streaming services that we think everyone has to pay for today, which will limit its availability. I think it’s sad,” Mackenzie said.


“Also, there’s a sense that maybe there isn’t the special relationship between the ABC and the BBC that there used to be.”

But the president of the Doctor Who Club is confident that the series’ core appeal, its sense of wonder and charming British aesthetic, will remain as part of the new broadcast deal thanks to Russell T Davies staying on as showrunner.

“As long as you have people like Davis running the show and knowing what makes the show different from any other sci-fi, I think it’s going to be good,” Andersen said.

“They’re aware that they need to maintain a certain British quirky quality to things, even as they make it a lot slicker and more financially loved than it ever looked. I don’t think really slick special effects are going to change that as long as they keep the elements of the story.”

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